Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Stop Caring about Stupid Shit

Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Stop Caring about Stupid…

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly compilation of ways to practice positive doing, thinking, feeling and being. This week's tips are focused on keeping the good feelings flowing, no matter what you're currently doing, thinking, feeling or being! How you feel is outgoing, not incoming, and it has nothing to do with your current reality. Decide to feel good Now and your reality will immediately start presenting good-feeling experiences. How do you decide to feel good now? Just do it. Say, "I don't care," or, "I've decided to feel good about that. It's working itself out." Laugh. Decide to have fun anyway. And try some of the other suggestions below.


1. Maintain your vibration.
One way to maintain your positive vibration is by doing chores. When you keep your home clean instead of waiting for it to get dirty, you never have to dip into the vibration of lack. Just like getting oil changes for your car, you take care of your mood before your life starts breaking down. Showering, brushing your teeth, and other hygienic activities are the same vibrational symbols that help you stay feeling good about your life. Avoid the stress of everything breaking down around you and choose to feel good from moment to moment.

2. Focus on momentum.
The faster you move, the easier it is to keep going. It's pure science—an object in motion stays in motion. The only friction slowing your momentum is negative thoughts. Push yourself. Keep taking steps towards the vortex. Just try. Think of living your life as a distraction from thinking, just like exercise. The harder you push yourself, the less you think about random BS. You're immersed in what you're doing, because it's invigorating. Actually live your life instead of sitting on your computer thinking about how you want to live your life. It's much easier to just go out in the world and DO something. Whatever you do, make sure it's not motivated by money! Just do everything you can to have fun—it's the easiest way to build feeling-good momentum.


3. Think of yourself as a baby animal doing your best.
Think of other people the same way. Some people say to love everyone as your child, but it's a lot easier to think of someone as a baby animal than a child, because human children bring up resistant thoughts for a lot of people. The idea is to love without condition, and that's how people love baby animals. Not, "I'll only love you if you make my breakfast." People love their animals just the same even after they puke, shit, scratch, or beg. "She's just a puppy doing her best! She doesn't know any better!" It's so much easier to love with those thoughts. And you know what? We are all babies just waking up from the dream. We're brand new to this. Let's be easy on each other.

4. Find a money mantra.
Last week, it was "I've decided to feel good about that. My money situation is working itself out." This week, every time you think about money, pivot up the emotional scale with "Money comes easily to me."

5. Practice training your mind in every Now moment.
The only discipline that matters is thought discipline. You don't have to have a schedule, or a routine, or goals, or rules. You don't have to force or motivate yourself into action. You don't have to do anything on your to-do list. All you have to do is observe your thoughts, right now, and choose better-feeling thoughts or stop thinking all together. That is the new "work" paradigm. The work is training your mind to produce the reality you desire. And it's effortless if you let it be. Just stop thinking. I guarantee "stop-thinking" techniques will be the biggest product genre on Earth within the year. Because all you have to do to get what you want is feel good, and anyone can feel good right now by stopping thought.


6. Affirm you feel the way you want to feel.
Just choose. "I feel..." Fun, skinny, strong, etc. It's like driving a spaceship towards what you want. Just float positive focus towards what you want. When you say, "I feel the feeling I want to feel," you are directing your vibration. You're letting go of everything and just feeling the feeling, which guides you towards the reality you want to live.

7. Just stop caring.
Nothing can stop you from not caring. You have the freedom to not give a fuck. To not care about politics, news, or other people's drama is a choice. Nothing can stop you from not caring about things that hold you outside of the vortex. It's your choice. That is your power. That is how you vote with your thoughts. That is how you create the reality you want to live in—by not giving your attention to that which you do not want.


8. Be happy with what you already have.
"My only goal is to let it unfold." ~ Kelly Cree
If you get stressed about goals, make it your goal to be happy with what you already have. The only time you get to choose how you feel is right now. The only reason you would care about being, doing, or having something you don't is if you care about what someone else thinks. Consider any specific thing you want—do you want it because everyone will know you made it when it happens? When you think, "I need more money," ask "Why? For what?" Is it so other people will respect you? Do you want it to impress someone, or to make someone stop worrying about you, so you won't feel guilt? In Halcyon's words, "Let go of the drive to achieve, and surrender to the ability to receive."

9. Just enjoy it instead of thinking about it.
This life is just for fun. The object of the game is to have the most fun. Everything is unfolding perfectly. There is nothing you can do. The most thrilling thing you can do is NOTHING. Saying "I don't care about that BS that is MADE UP" is way more attractive than having a hot car or tailored clothing. To people who don't give a fuck: let me get on your level! When you don't care, that's when you get everything you want.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Gilestel

    I think you need to think more about what you mean say “stop thinking”. Setting schedule, rules, goals etc. ARE ways for us to stop thinking — we don’t have to wait and think about what to do next, we already know and we just do it. At the same time, thinking is a wonderful thing. You think everytime you read a good book, tease apart a complex plot line, create a work of art of engineering. Maybe you’ve never experienced this (if you haven’t you should) but it seems to be you’re focusing on anxiety and procrastination and worry and ignoring all the good parts of thinking.

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Gilestel! I completely agree that schedules and rules can help us stop thinking. When you have a pattern to follow, there is no mental debate about what to do. What I meant when I said you don’t have to have those things is exactly that – they aren’t *necessary* to having a happy life.

    I should clarify what I mean when I say “stop thinking”. I equate thinking with “taking an excursion outside of the Now.” There is a difference between thinking and experiencing. When you read a good book or create a work of art, you are experiencing life. But when you stop experiencing the moment and start thinking about your future or past (even if it was just the last moment you experienced), you leave the Now.

    Consider this quote from Osho’s _The Hidden Harmony_: “The present is just a dividing line, that’s all. It has no space. It divides the past and the future; just a dividing line. You can be in the present but you cannot think; for thinking, space is needed. Thoughts need space, they are just like things…”


    Finally, thank you for the suggestion about anxiety and procrastination and worry – shifting away from those things is something I practice daily and I am grateful for the inspiration to further release my awareness of them.

  • tzb

    Such a great article, the concepts of which strike me as pretty deeply Taoist. I love the way you write, nice mix of the metaphysical and the down-to-earth. First time I’ve read your site but very glad to have found it!

    Cool pictures as well.

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks tzb! Nice to meet you! I appreciate the feedback!

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