Good morning #gratitude

Good morning #gratitude

Grateful to be awake and alive. Grateful for my health and my home and my wife and my kitties. Grateful for a beautiful day to create! Grateful everything is going my way! Grateful to feel the flow. Grateful to be on a new wave. Grateful it's all adding up.

Grateful to be a physical human. Grateful to be me. Grateful to be here. Grateful it's all working out for me. Grateful to trust that I'm in the right place at the right time. Grateful to know what I want and to know I always get what I want.

Grateful I can just choose to feel good and stop thinking. Grateful I can control my mood. Grateful I can project what I want to receive. Grateful I am in control of my vibration. Grateful nothing is serious.

Grateful I get to choose how I feel. I feel confident and playful and fun and excited. I feel strong and skinny and powerful and wealthy. I feel connected, knowing and in love with life! I feel magickal, in the flow and like I'm floating downstream. I feel the best I've ever felt.

I am a powerful creator allowing this to be the best day of my life. I am the best. I am allowing myself to feel my best. I am allowing myself to feel loved and cared for. I am allowing life to be good to me. I am allowing life to take care of me. I am allowing myself to stop thinking and to feel my reality instead.

I feel strong and beautiful. I feel present and aware. I feel conscious and invigorated. I feel healthy and calm. I feel the flow. I feel alive. I feel life taking care of me. I feel the flow of life leading me where I want to go.

I feel blessed. I feel lucky. I feel like life is easy. I feel like life loves me. I feel cared for. I feel knowing. I feel whole. I feel integrated. I feel like I've let go. I feel like I don't care! I feel like everything is unfolding perfectly and all I can do is get out of the way and enjoy it.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.