I am happy where I am and how I am. #gratitude

I am happy where I am and how I…

Grateful to be here. Grateful for my wife. Grateful for Thursday's. Grateful Kelly is so easy going. Grateful for my fit and healthy body. Grateful Kelly made coffee for us.

Grateful to not care. Grateful to let go of my need to achieve. Grateful to release resistance and accept where I am. Grateful to be happy where I am right now. I'm happy where I am right now.

Grateful to be here right now. Grateful for the solstice. Grateful for new beginnings. Grateful for a fresh day to create. Grateful to already be living in heaven.

Grateful Kelly and I coach each other. Grateful for my awesome job. Grateful we get to go to class! Grateful I got to hoop 3 times and play AJ for an hour yesterday. Grateful to be in the flow. Grateful to let go of my resistance. Grateful life is taking care of me and I'm exactly where I am supposed to be.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Mike

    Awesome post. I love “Grateful to already be living in heaven.” I might steal that! Have you tried Crystal Stix or Devil Sticks as flow toys? I have Crystal Stix and love them. I might have to do a video and post.

    What’s the picture of? It’s beautiful!

  • jessica mullen

    I haven’t tried the devil sticks but I would love to! Do a post please!!
    The picture is the inside of my kaleidoscope :D

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