Tuesday Tips: 16 Ways to Pulse the Signal You Want to Receive

Tuesday Tips: 16 Ways to Pulse the Signal You…

Art by Kelly Cree

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly gathering of ways to feel good. This week is focused on projecting the signal you want to receive. When you decide to give the love you want to feel, or do a favor you wish someone would do for you, you're beaming a beacon of vibration that will attract 10 times the love back to you. It's a challenge to become something in order to see it, because you have to look past what is. But once you get the feel for consciously vibrating the frequency you want to live in, it gets way easier. All it takes is practice!


Art by Kelly Cree

1. Lifestream.
It helps you see how cool your life actually is! Want to get started RIGHT NOW? Get a free WordPress.com account or sign up for your very own website with Bluehost.

2. If you don't feel like doing something, don't do it!
It's not a good idea! Good ideas feel good. If you are having trouble executing a project or concept, just let it go. There's a reason you don't want to do it.


Art by Kelly Cree

3. Stop trying to come up with things to say in awkward social situations.
If you let yourself relax into the moment and stop thinking about ways to fill the silence, you'll be able to hear the underlying magick of life.

4. Place your attention on what you want and what you want more of.
Your "vibration" that everyone talks about is simply your attention. Your attention is a combination of thoughts and feelings and it comes right from your pineal gland. You can learn to control what you place your attention on just like you can control what object you pick up with your hand.

5. Ask yourself, "How can my magick work today?"
Instead of trying to make something from yesterday work, what ideas feel good to you today? What mantra comes to you? Allow yourself to be flexible in the ways you feel good, and you'll always find new and exciting ways to do it.

6. Treat your work like a woman.
Don't chase it. Compare a project to a person you like. Would you keep trying to make things happen, or do you let her come to you?

7. Make someone's day.
Tell your friend what you think her three best qualities are, or just list them in your head. Your friend will immediately reflect those qualities more and more.

8. Don't beat yourself up.
You're still learning to drive this thing! Whatever "this" is—your reality, your body, the flow, life! You're the driver, and you have a very powerful machine at your hands! It takes practice, but you get better every day.

9. Send a clear strong signal about what you want.
Before you do something, like go shopping, think about exactly what you want. Even if you think it isn't possible, focus on how good it would feel if it happened that way. Don't focus on the "buts". If you can project a clear, strong signal without the conflicting "but" vibration, you will receive something that gives you the same feeling as the thing you want (but it will be even better than you imagined).


Art by Kelly Cree

10. Give your reality a mental hug.
Your projects. Your friends. Your partner. Your boss. Yourself. Just feel what it would feel like and bam!, you're pulsing the signal of love.

11. Feel the feeling of gratitude you would feel if you already had what you wanted.
This is the most effective technique for getting what I want that I've found in the past week. Just imagine yourself where you want to be. I like picturing myself saying "I practiced this feeling, and it came!" Think about what you want, for example, $100. Then think "I'm so grateful I have that $100!" and really feel what that will feel like. You're pulsing the signal you want to receive. Focus on that feeling you want and trust it will come.

12. Don't be afraid to outshine!
My biggest "upper limit behavior" is fearing I will outshine other people and make them feel jealous, which makes me feel guilty. Getting over it takes practice, but I'm working on telling myself this: "Yes, I will outshine you. And then you will match me or leave. I will always find my match." Whatever you project, you'll attract. Whatever level you reach, you'll bring the rest of your reality there with you. Don't be afraid to go first.


Art by Kelly Cree

13. Relax into this perfect moment. Right now. Do it!
You are always doing your best. In every moment, you are doing exactly what you can. You don't have to try. You are doing your best just by deciding to be here, awake, alive. Relax. You are doing your best. Whatever you want to do is ok, because you are doing your best. You're on a journey, and all you can do is enjoy where you are right now.

14. Be still.
Sit on the porch. Meditate casually. Listen to music. Relax. Visualize what you want. Practice the feeling, now. It's ok to slow down. You are most powerful when you are relaxed and open to whatever life brings you.

15. Be a joy to follow.
Halcyon reminded me that lifestreaming is sharing the path and being a joy to watch. Go on an adventure and share it. Be the example. Be the one who can do it. Walk the walk. I used to resist social invitations (aka LIVING LIFE) because I felt like I should be working on my projects. And then I would procrastinate and feel sick for not living. But if you enjoy being alive, life enjoys being you!

16. Go live your life.
When you say yes to social invitations, show up for things you say you're going to do, take risks, and generally live your life in the world, feeling good is way easier to do! When I'm actually in the Now, for example at a pool party, I never have "body issues". I only feel bad about my body when I'm stuck in my own head thinking about the pool party. Just show up and live, and being in the Now is way easier!

Now go do something awesome and lifestream about it and everyone will be jealous but you won't feel guilty because you're a superstar and nothing can hold you back!

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