Feel the #gratitude you would feel if you had what you wanted, NOW.

Feel the #gratitude you would feel if you had…

Grateful to feel strong. Grateful to have perfect timing. Grateful to feel unconditional love for my reality. Grateful to feel calm knowing. Grateful to feel good in my body! Grateful to remember I'm god and I'm in power! Grateful to know what I know. Grateful for a full, fun Saturday. Grateful to be busy doing things I love to do. Grateful to have so much energy. Grateful to be in love with my body.

Grateful to workout. Grateful working out is so fun. Grateful for people who inspire me to do my best. Grateful we're all in this together. Grateful things get better every day. Grateful there's nothing to worry about. Grateful I truly can stop worrying and let it all come to me. Grateful for this Now! Grateful to be here! Grateful to be infinite! Grateful to have everything I want!!

I love you, you're doing great! Feel the gratitude you would feel if you had what you wanted, NOW. And then you have it, and you don't need it, and it has to come! <3

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.