All I have to do is enjoy being alive. And life enjoys being me. #gratitude

All I have to do is enjoy being alive.…

Grateful I get to choose. Grateful I get a choice in how I feel. Grateful I can just choose to feel good and I do. Not only can I choose to feel good DESPITE something, I can choose to feel good and immediately remove the "something" from my awareness. If I am tired, I simply choose to feel good anyway, then begin feeling grateful that I'm energized. And then I'm energized. Instant shapeshifting.

I'm a pulse. I'm a signal. My attention, a combination of thoughts and emotions and vibration, is a projection of my pineal gland. I have complete control over my attention. It's so powerful, and so infinite, and so complex, that I almost couldn't see it. But it boils down to every single detail in my life experience. What I do with my attention is a choice in every single moment.

To control my attention I not only have to be present, but practiced. I have to teach my mind to let go, to give up control, to slow down. I teach my mind to pay attention and watch for patterns. I teach myself to be aware. I teach myself to listen. I teach myself to be still. I teach myself to choose. I've finally succeeded in learning there is a choice.

It gets easier every single day. It gets easier by the minute. I feel better in my body as the day goes on. I feel confident. I feel inspired. I feel powerful. I feel purposeful. I feel focused. I feel like I know what I'm doing. I feel like things make sense. I feel like a master. I feel like a pro. I feel like a success. I feel like I figured it out. I feel like I deserve to feel this way. I feel like I can see through the illusion, and I feel more in love with the game every day. This is just so FUN!

Everything is working out for me. Everything is working out for everyone. Everything is ok. Everything is adding up. Everything is becoming clear. Everything is getting better. Tonight I've discovered a new code/pattern/key that I couldn't believe before.

All I have to do is enjoy being alive. And life enjoys being me. AHHHHH THIS IS SO TRIPPY

I am so grateful to be alive. I am so grateful I can twirl my thoughts into spine-tingling KNOWING. I love myself. I like who I am. I am nice to myself. I'm being gentle, I'm being still. I'm allowing the flow. I'm allowing this life to be easy. I'm allowing it to get better every day. I'm allowing it to unfold. I'm allowing it to work out. I'm allowing myself to succeed.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.