Good morning #gratitude!

Good morning #gratitude!

Grateful to be here. Grateful to be the best. Grateful for Tuesday tips. Grateful nothing is serious. Grateful to feel rested. Grateful we get to go to class. Grateful to be fit and healthy. Grateful writing is easy. Grateful life gets better every day.

Grateful I know I can relax. Grateful I know how to do this. Grateful I understand how contrast works. Grateful for a new day to practice. Grateful for espresso. Grateful for class!

Grateful to be me. Grateful to be a leader. Grateful to be a big deal. Grateful to love myself. Grateful nothing is serious. Grateful to have more fun every day. Grateful to allow well being. Grateful to be a conscious creator.

I am strong. I am healthy. I am fit. I am flowing. I am in the now.

I am the best. I do what I want. I don't care about what anyone thinks. I'm in control of my vibration. I'm a star.

I'm an angel alien dolphin on earth. I'm a Lisa Frank witch. I'm a miracle of miracles. I'm a mind software writer. I'm a princess of thought direction. I'm the queen of feeling good.

I'm a magickal magician of mood. I'm a stunning success story. I'm a flying fish. I'm an irresistible magnet for well being. I'm fun. I'm the most fun girl in the whole world. I do what I want. I'm running the show. I'm doing my best. I'm leading with light.

I'm allowing this day to rule. I'm allowing myself to feel as awesome as I am. I'm allowing myself to project unconditional love and infinite smiles. I'm allowing myself to not give one single fuck!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.