How to Feel Good No Matter What with Lifestreaming

Lifestreamed faces

How to Feel Good No Matter What with Lifestreaming

Lifestreamed faces

All that matters in life is how you feel. How you feel determines the experiences you attract. If you believe good things happen when you feel good, why bother feeling bad ever again?

Unconditional love and feeling good no matter what are the same thing. Tuning to a vibration of unconditional love, or a state of mind where your good mood is unshakable, definitely takes practice. It pays off though—those joyful octaves of life experience are what give meaning to life, and unconditional love is what we all strive for in our hearts.

How can we practice living from a state of unconditional love? How can we practice feeling good no matter what? It's easier than it sounds, and many of us already do it: lifestreaming! (Did you see that one coming?)

Lifestreaming is an act of appreciating one's life experience. By looking for things about your life you want to share on the Internet, you are actively seeking out things to feel good about. Appreciation is the same feeling as love. And when you appreciate, what you appreciate grows in value. Abraham says,

If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it’s the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That’s all you’d need.

To feel good no matter what, you don't have to first fix what's wrong with you, lose 10 pounds, get a new job, or find a perfect lover. You don't have to have any money, you don't have to have tons of friends, and you don't have to change. You can be exactly who you are, right now, and still feel unshakably, unconditionally good. All you have to do is look for things to appreciate about your life. In each moment of your experience, there are thousands of things you could appreciate.

I'm proposing lifestreaming as a long-term solution for humanity as a whole. The technology may not be as prevalent as television (yet), and it still might feel weird to let go of some privacy and appear vulnerable in public. But when we look for things to appreciate about our lives and share them with others, it inspires other people to look for things to appreciate in their own lives.

If we can collectively train ourselves into a constant state of appreciation, we will be living in unconditional love. We will all feel good no matter what. Can you imagine?! For our species as a whole to operate from a place of love, instead of fear?

Lifestreaming may not be for everyone (yet...). But if it turns you off, ask yourself why. Would it make you feel conceited? Would it make you feel bad for sharing how good your life is when other people don't have it as good? Would you be afraid of attack or backlash?

Remember that you are perfect, and you deserve to be celebrated. There is nothing to be afraid of (literally, I promise, I guarantee it!) because everything that happens in your life experience is a solution.

Lifestreaming as a life design practice, and as a technology, is still just a baby. There are infinite ways it can grow and expand and benefit us. For now, I'll leave it as a way to practice appreciation, feeling good, and loving unconditionally. What happens after that is for you to discover.

Examples of lifestreaming love

There are as many ways to lifestream as there are ways to communicate. You can share photos, write about gratitude, or channel dolphins. Here are several lifestreamers creating huge waves of love in their lives that may inspire you to share more of your own incredible life.

  • Sunny Smith: "so grateful that i am self-aware. so grateful that i can hear the hum. so grateful that i can feel the flow. so grateful that i can do this."
  • Novaa Veo: "I've got a lot of awesome happening in my life right now. Let’s talk about it."
  • Katja Simone: beautiful photography of the Now.
  • Sarah Monster Gilbert: a brilliant artist sharing recent work.
  • Betty Leigh Verbeke: "I love the life I am making. I love the reflections I’m seeing. It’s all just so ridiculously wonderful."
  • Jen Bullinger: "I'm grateful for new opportunities on the horizon. I’m grateful to know that when I start to make a move, the Universe matches me with an even more awesome rebuttal."
  • Kelly Cree: "it feels good to focus / to stay laser focused to hold / love in my heart / it feels good to take responsibility"
  • Sara Whittemore: "What do you do after you make the choice? You change your per­spec­tive. Per­spec­tive change is sim­i­lar to the con­cept of cre­at­ing a new life story which allows you to change your thoughts by cre­at­ing a new ver­sion of your present sit­u­a­tion (your story)."
  • Lorra Fae: "I just got hit with the stab of deep gratitude ... How crazy it is to just be SLAMMED with this notion. It makes breathing a joy, just lying here in bed, inhabiting this body, fully present. Feeling ALIVE."
  • Lynn Fang: "Grateful to accept who I am. Grateful to express public gratitude. Grateful to break through walls, expand my consciousness, and ultimately gain greater self-confidence and awareness."
  • Erin Kys: "Ask for what you want. IT'S THAT EASY." Plus: BACON CUPCAKES.

More lifestreaming resources

To join in on the life design and lifestreaming conversation, visit the School of Life Design Facebook group. For an introductory lesson on starting a lifestream practice, read the School of Life Design Lesson 2: Designing the Digital You. To start your own self-hosted website, please support the School of Life Design by getting a website through Bluehost. Finally, check out my lifestream too!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Annie

    I enjoy reading your lifestream and other people’s too. And I firmly believe that manifesting does working in that way. But I gave up in the end and went back to journalling in an exercise book. It should be about me and I found myself worrying about the digital me and what I should and shouldn’t put down. Then I started worrying about the design of the site…I got so bogged down in minutiae, that it didn’t seem so much of a sacrifice to give up…But I’m certainly not calling it, just saying that perhaps it’s not for me.

  • Monster

    What a pleasant article! I needed a good reminder of why I started lifestreaming and to get back into practice. Thank you!

  • jessica mullen

    Annie, doing it all publicly is definitely not necessary to have a thought-direction / life design practice (as you know!). What matters is that you care about how you feel, and you do what’s best for you.

    That being said, that “bogged down in minutiae” you speak of – would you say it’s because you’re worried about what other people think? That’s always been a big hurdle for me and I’m really interested in methods to STOP caring about what other people think. It’s hard! But I think that might be at the bottom of the whole lifestream-or-not discussion.

    I really appreciate your input Annie. Lots of people feel the same and we’re all trying to navigate the conscious creation + socialization waters too.

    And darling Monster, thanks for the feedback. I need the reminder all the time too! <3

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