Tuesday Tips: 16 Ways to Feel Good and Have Fun NOW


Tuesday Tips: 16 Ways to Feel Good and Have…


Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly assortment of the best ways to get in a good mood. This week's tips are focused on feeling good right now, so by the time you finish reading this, you should have a big smile in your heart. Life loves you and so do I, so let's let go of our negative thoughts and float downstream together.



1. Just try.
Show up. Take a risk. Take one step in the direction you want to be going. The flow will take care of the rest.

2. Make a commitment to living in your zone of genius.
Decide you live the magick life. It's just like getting married. One day you decide you're throwing your knapsack over the fence and you're never going back. Read The Big Leap if you need more convincing.

3. Write sexy blog post titles.
An art I am still perfecting. Ask yourself: "If I were to do an Internet search for this information, what would the search terms be?"



4. Think "from" the person you want to be, not "of" the person you want to be.
To practice, ask yourself, "Who is the person I want to be?" Then write from the perspective of that person with these prompts: "I am.." or "I'm so relieved that I now..." Feel like the person you want to be now, and your circumstances will reflect that.

5. If you understand positive thinking but it isn't "paying off", just practice, in the Now.
Over the last two years I've felt a shift in perspective about practicing thought. It used to be I would try to manage my future thoughts, or past thoughts. But all I really have to do is manage my thoughts right now. Listen to what you're saying or thinking. If you don't want it to be true, don't think it!

6. Don't dumb down your message.
Whoever is a vibrational match to you will be attracted to you, regardless of how you say it. Be true to yourself and your art. You don't have to try to reach everyone. Make the art you want to see, and trust that the people who will benefit from seeing it will find it. It's law.

7. Decide to heal yourself.
When I had a sore throat last week, I had to decide that I was powerful enough to heal myself. I had to decide to believe it instead of just talking about believing it. I had to decide I had the power to heal myself, and there was no reason why I couldn't do it. I had to decide to be god. In the past, I might have gotten scared at the power. But the idea of being god and being healthy was way more appealing than the pain in my throat. The first step was deciding that I was getting better. And then I allowed the well being that is natural to me to flow, and I healed in my sleep.



8. Know your mood is your work.
If you take nothing else away from this post, keep this one. All that matters is how you feel. The point of life is to enjoy it. If you feel bad, find a better feeling thought or stop thinking. You will never live the life you want if you don't feel as good as you would if you were already living it. Choose to feel good anyway, and the life you want will show itself. Your emotions are a direct filter on your reality. Raise your mood, raise your quality of life.

9. Get out of your comfort zone.
I didn't realize I've been so into being comfortable. I like staying home. I like watching movies. I like reading. All of those things are very comfortable. But to experience the magick of life in all it's glory, leave the house! Put yourself out there! Do whatever scares you! The feeling of comfort is overrated, especially compared to the exhilaration I could be feeling.

10. Use your intuition.
Feeling indecisive, maybe at a grocery store? Which one should you get? Try commanding the right choice to call to you. Just say "call to me!" and then listen. It's how I find my wine.

11. Cure the feeling of missing someone.
If it pains you to be away from certain people, try to not think about them in between visits. When you don't think about them, you don't create time in between contact. If you truly don't think about them, the next time you see them you'll pick right up where you left off—as if no time had passed at all.

12. Redefine your idea of "chore".
Remember the feeling of falling in love with someone, where everything you do together is an adventure? Feel that way while you do the chores, or any mundane task. Operate from a feeling of love, and it won't matter what you're doing.



13. Breathe with your diaphragm!
Am I the only person in the world who took 30 years to learn how to breathe properly?? A couple days ago I learned how to breathe diaphragmatically and it changed my life. I can run long distances, feel good no matter what, and never feel out of breath. Read the Wikipedia, see a 3d diaphragm so you know what you're trying to do, and watch a delightful breath technique video from Yogayak. Transformational, I promise!

14. Imagine your whole reality congratulating you, just for being alive.
Truly picture this, right now. Picture everyone clapping and smiling, yelling "Congratulations! You did it! You're here! You're doing so great! Here is your gift, a whole world of wonderful things for you to explore! It's all for you! We love you!" Feel like you did at your graduation. Your biggest accomplishment is that you're here, right now. Just let the tears fall and say thank you. You deserve to be celebrated.

15. Just say "I am."
Assume you are already experiencing what you desire. Your reality is determined by your concept of "I am." Whatever you decide you are, you are. You can never be that which you say you are not. Whatever you want to be, just start saying you already are. Your imagination is way more powerful than existing reality. Read The Power of Awareness for a more thorough understanding. (Thanks for this one Laura!)

You know that, right? God is all there is, so you are made of god, so you are god. Know it. Own it. It's awesome.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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