Tuesday Tips: 20 Harmonic Paths to Keep Your Life on Beat

Tuesday Tips: 20 Harmonic Paths to Keep Your Life…

Art by Kelly Cree

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the most fabulous collection of ways to feel good about your life. As we move further into 2012 and the evolution of consciousness, it's getting easier to tune to the positive and let the rest go. This week we're focused on embracing our power, trusting the Now, and generally getting better at riding the flow like a bicycle. Keep practicing and have fun! If you want other people to practice with and inspire you, we'd love to have you in the School of Life Design Facebook group.


Art by Kelly Cree

1. Decide to be obsessed with your own work.
Ever suffer from writers block or a lack of inspiration? Spend some time focusing on why you love your own work so much. Appreciate the work you've already created. Write about how groundbreaking your work is. Consciously develop a fiery passion about what you create, and the creations will begin to pour out.

2. Just take what you want instead of wishing for it.
If you're using your magick wand, try a new method this week. When you ask for something, for example a safe car ride, say "I'm having the best car ride of my life" instead of "I wish for the best car ride of my life." Be it, see it.

3. Have fun spending money.
If you're dreading going shopping, don't go. Wait until there are things you really want to buy. Spending money, even if it's just on groceries, should feel exciting and thrilling, and anything less than that projects a confused vibration about abundance.

4. Walk the thread of fun.
Spirituality doesn't have to be hard, or limiting, or boring. You can have your fun and be god too. Drugs, partying, and assorted mischief are just as welcome in a spiritual lifestyle as focus, meditation, and study. It's all about keeping your balance. You can always hear when enough is enough and it's time to move on. That's the true work—being able to let go of one good Now moment and allow the next to come. Always follow what excites you and you'll stay on your tightrope.

5. Write before bed.
This one is a recurring tip, because it's so powerful. When you focus your energy on feeling good right before sleep, it's much easier to start the next day off right. Generally you'll wake up in the same mood you went to sleep in, so do yourself a favor and focus on gratitude or love or appreciation before you end your day.

6. Quantify your mood.
If you have a list of cars you like to see on the highway, start counting them. You'll begin to notice a direct correlation between your mood and how many of your favorites you can spot.


Art by Kelly Cree

7. Trick your mind into resting.
If you have negative or annoying thoughts, tell your mind, "Just focus on breathing for one minute and you'll attract better-feeling thoughts!" Your mind will dig it.

8. Focus the light of your consciousness on pain and it will dissolve.
There is no pain in the Now. Feel the sensations in your body. Focus your attention on the pain or discomfort and breathe. The pain will fade away. It's like repeating a word until it loses meaning. It's all just an illusion.

9. Know that everything that happens is a gift.
Get something you don't want or something goes wrong? Just think "I can't wait to see the solution!" If you look for it, you'll find it. Every single time something happens differently than expected, it's the universe shuffling the deck so you can play an even better hand.

10. Know sickness is not true.
If you're ill, or someone else in your life is, know they're "just faking it". Dis-ease is not true. It's an illusion, a belief. Know it's fake! Well being and love are the only truths!

11. Realize "I wanted this!"
This is one of my favorite mantras. Whenever I take the time to think "I wanted this," I'm able to find myself receiving something I'd asked for in the past.

12. Find god in your breath.
Say to yourself when you breathe in: "I'm breathing in." Then when you breathe out, "I'm breathing out." Repeat until you are focused only on your breath. Then ask yourself, "Who is breathing in? Who is breathing out?"


Art by Kelly Cree

13. Feel love in your thoughts.
This is especially useful when experiencing contrast. Say, "I love it when..." and continue as long as you can. I love it when life is easy. I love it when I feel good in my body. I love it when I feel relaxed. I love it when I feel confident. I love it when things go my way. I love it when people are nice to me. I love it when I like who I am.

14. Don't look down.
On the tightrope (the thread of fun), don't look down to lower vibrations (emotions). Don't give lower vibrations your attention. Don't give your attention to sickness, pain, or negativity. When you're feeling good and in the flow, just don't look down and you can keep going.

15. Feel good and then it comes.
This will work for anything you want, every single time. Whatever it is, if you can just feel good even though you don't have what you want, you'll be so distracted by having fun that you'll stop vibrating "I don't have this" and allow it into your experience.

16. Feel the sensations in your body.
Josh Pais of Commited Impulse (and also Marie Forleo's husband) has an amazing system for being present. Here are the instructions: "Breathe. See what is in front of you. Feel the sensations in your body. You're back." By taking the time to breathe, see your reality, and feel your body, you can quickly come back from negative thoughts. Watch the video below for more on "I'm back!" (Thanks for the tip Kat!)


Art by Kelly Cree

17. Ask for answers to come to you while meditating.
Have a problem? Just ask for the answer to come to you during meditation. You don't have to do anything to attract the answer, just know it will come if you ask.

18. Be a channel.
Anyone can channel their higher self, or source energy, or god. Everyone has access to all knowledge at all times. To connect to your source, try writing yourself a letter from the perspective of god (Dear Jessica...) or ask to hear from your higher self during meditation.

19. Be eccentric.
Give yourself permission to do whatever you feel like. Think of yourself as a mad scientist or crazy artist or nutty professor. Own your impulses!

20. Become it, then see it.
This is what it all comes down to. This is the "practice". This is the training of a conscious creator. Anything you want has to occur within before you can see it externally. I found a great quote by Kathy Goode on the Abe list that explains the process exactly: "If you really BE it and FEEL it, bask in it and revel in it NOW, you already have it. And if you already have it, you no longer need it. And if you no longer need it, it has to come!" Your desires are already created. Become a match to them and you'll be able to see them. They're right in front of you, already within your reach.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kat(ja) Lev

    this is the tuesday tips post i´ve wanted; it´s getting better and better and then some! thanks so much for sharing all of this. and this Committed Impulse technique is just SO good, and it makes me HAPPY that you feel the same! it was kinda hard at the beginning, because i was internally beating myself up a lot because it made me realize that i´m "away" most of the time, but after a while now it´s getting easier and easier. and this video is really kinda cute as well! :D

  • jessica mullen

    The “feel the sensations in your body” part helped me the most. Sometimes my mind gets so far away from my body! I love that it’s used in acting. I would LOVE to take a workshop! Thanks again for sharing it :D

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