Free Worksheet PDF: the Flower of Life Design Template

flower of life closeup

Free Worksheet PDF: the Flower of Life Design Template

flower of life closeup

In school, graphic designers are highly encouraged to use a grid to lay out their designs. Grids keep everything organized and aligned. I've never been one to measure out a grid before designing—my grid tends to evolve organically and changes often. I had yet to find a grid that felt fun to design within, until I discovered sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is the geometry of life. All of life fits within this system of shapes, which all go back to a single circle. You can watch the video below for more information.

One of the patterns in sacred geometry is called the flower of life. Any 3d object found in this reality can be drawn within this pattern.

I've been looking for inspiration for my website redesign lately, and it occurred to me to use the flower of life pattern as a grid for my layout. I created this template and allowed my hand to wander.

flower of life design template flat art

The experience of drawing on this grid was transformational to say the least. It felt like the ultimate grid. By connecting the centers of circles, following only my intuition and no plan, I was able to come up with incredible ideas for my site layout that were super fun to discover.

flower of life scan

Approaching visual problems within this framework allows for divine solutions. Not only that, but tracing designs on top of this pattern will free your mind up to find any solution you may be looking for. Working with sacred geometry is a spiritual art, because it opens one up to the patterns of life, which allows answers to flow.

Below you can download a free PDF worksheet of the flower of life design pattern to draw your own solutions. Ask the grid a question and allow your hand to provide the answer. Enjoy!

Click here to download the Flower of Life Design Template

Pro tip: When you print it, make sure you click "scale to fit page".

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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    But, you are just using the centers of the circles as you would points on a regular grid aren’t you? You could easily achieve the same results with a grid of points in offset rows, or by just turning a regular grid 45 degrees.

  • jessica mullen

    But would that be as fun?! ;]

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    well played

  • Vilius Eidininkas

    Thanks a lot, Jesica !

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