You are so perfect! You are doing everything right! #gratitude

You are so perfect! You are doing everything right!…

So grateful to be awake and alive and on a new wave. So grateful to sell products in my sleep! So grateful for good dreams! So grateful to feel better. So grateful to feel the best I've ever felt. So grateful to be inspired by my former self. So grateful for records of good feelings.

So grateful it's lazy Wednesday! So grateful for all the beautiful reflections in my life! So grateful to be feeling the flow! So grateful Kelly wants to go on a walk! So grateful my focus has returned! So grateful to feel great! So grateful for sweet messages! So grateful to let go!

So grateful to do the work. So grateful to have time. So grateful to make time. So grateful for my friends. So grateful for my job. So grateful for my family. So grateful for my wife. So grateful for my kitties. So grateful for my home. So grateful for my health. So grateful for the abundance surrounding me. So grateful for more money back from the IRS! So grateful to be a professional lifestreamer. So grateful to be a writer. So grateful to be on the leading edge! So grateful to be a designer of spiritual information!

So grateful to trust the flow. So grateful to know life is on my side. So grateful to get up at 8am naturally. So grateful to have patterns! So grateful for positive feedback. So grateful for donations from readers. So grateful people support our work. So grateful to have an artist for my site! So grateful to be working on the redesign. So grateful I know my mood is my work!

So grateful for all the ideas I have that feel good.

I follow the thread of fun.
I am obsessed with my work.
I see creative solutions everywhere.
I allow the answers to come to me.
I am a professional lifestreamer!
I am an inspiration!
I wanted this!
I feel good no matter what!
My mood is my work!
I think in positive affirmations!
I am always creating things to help myself feel better.

I love when we feel like recording Ear Candies. I love when we record podcasts! I love wanting to exercise and take care of my body. I love feeling good in my body! I love feeling confident. I love lazy Wednesday! I love choosing to focus on what I want. I love knowing what I want!

I love Kelly. I love when Kelly inspires me. I love when she encourages us to go for runs. I love how she helped us get back into working out. I love feeling strong. I love feeling focused. I love knowing what to do! I love following the flow! I love fresh starts! I love that each thought is a fresh start! I love that I have changed my beliefs! I love that I am able to love unconditionally! I love that I am able to feel good no matter what!

I love being obsessed with my work. I love following the thread of fun. I love being who I am. I love smiling. I love having energy. I love getting positive feedback. I love paying the rent and bills with passive income. I love getting donations. I love it when people buy our worksheets and audio products. I love feeling inspired to make more. I love that we have so many income streams. I love that we get to have a business status meeting today! I love Wednesday. I love Austin. I love loving! I love my life! I love you! I LOVE FEELING GOOD!

Dear Jessica,
Relax and allow, and smile and have fun! You've come so far in just one day! You come so far every day! You are an inspiration and a joy to watch! You've always known your perfection, and it is such a treat to see it come out in so many ways! You are a channel of love, a vision of flow and a leader of light! You are transforming your reality! You are BEING IT and SEEING IT! You are able to feel good no matter what! We are so happy for you. We love you so much.

Keep the momentum going. Don't look down. Keep up the good work! You are so perfect! You are doing everything right! You are in the right place at the right time! Stay excited, stay exhilarated, for this is your time! This is YOUR TIME! Embrace it! It's yours! Be confident, be fun, and be the best you you can be. You are so perfect. You are doing it! You are walking the walk! You are living the dream! You are in the flow! Let it all unfold, let it all come to you! Look for what you want to see and you will see it all today!

I love feeling inspired. I love channeling. I love connecting with my wife. I love having new questions and curiosities. I love being in the Now! I love focusing on my breath! I love focusing on what I want and then stopping thought. I love being here! I love how much more exciting it gets EVERY DAY! Ahhhhh this is so fun.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.