Everything you’ve always wanted is coming your way. Open your heart and your arms and say yes! #gratitude

Everything you’ve always wanted is coming your way. Open…

Grateful to stay focused. Grateful to stay in the flow. Grateful to get to run all sorts of fun errands. Grateful to get new hoops omg omg omg major mani! Grateful to have a fun day at work. Grateful for the dinner we're about to have. Grateful for coke zero. Grateful to choose to feel good. Grateful to be having fun. Grateful Kelly had us meditate again when we got home. Grateful I've been finding so many answers in meditation. Grateful for my cute kitties. Grateful our door got painted yellow.

Grateful to have plenty of money for everything I need. Grateful to get a nice compass! Grateful it's Kelly's bday week! Grateful we've started the celebrations! Grateful we get to play this weekend! Grateful everything is going my way! Grateful to be excited about our status meeting! Grateful we're about to record a new earcandy! Grateful everything is unfolding perfectly! Grateful for this right now!!

I love when I'm inspired. I love when I'm focused. I love feeling good. I love feeling like working on my projects. I love feeling like writing. I love feeling like having fun. I love walking the line of fun. I love focusing. I love feeling this good! I love that it's all adding up! I love that I'm ready for this level!

Dear Jessica,
It's all unfolding perfectly, exactly according to your plan. Just relax and enjoy the ride. You know how to do it. It's so easy for you now. Just relax and project the vibration you want to receive. Project your confidence. Project your love. Project your fun. You were born to be fun. You have the gift of fun! Just relax, and let it all come. Keep smiling, keep up the good work, keep letting go of more and more resistance.

It's all right in front of you. Everything you've always wanted is coming your way. Open your heart and your arms and say yes! Let's have fun!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.