Now is the time to remember love conquers all. #gratitude

Now is the time to remember love conquers all.…

Grateful to be awake and alive. Grateful to remember how to focus. Grateful for the power of gratitude. Grateful for a full night of sleep. Grateful for my perfect wife. Grateful for my perfect kitties. Grateful to let go. Grateful to be up early. Grateful to be breathing. Grateful Kelly and I always help each other so much. Grateful we're a perfect match.

Grateful for my health and for my clean home. Grateful for my strength and freedom. Grateful to be fun. Grateful to be focused. Grateful to feel inspired. Grateful to remember how to shine. Grateful to remember who I am. Grateful to relax and let go. Grateful for the relief saying "fuck it" brings me.

Grateful for generous donations and subscription payments and product sales. Grateful to pay my rent and bills with passive income. Grateful it gets easier every day. Grateful to become lighter and more abundant every day.

I am inspired.
I am an inspiration.
I am obsessed with my own work.
I am always creating something to help myself feel better.

I am able to stop thinking and be here more and more.
I feel good no matter what.
I look past what is and feel the way I want to feel now.
I am in the habit of thinking in positive affirmations.
My mood is my work!
I don't care!
Nothing is serious!
I am fun.
I love you.

Dear Jessica,
Relax, and allow. You are a leader of light. You strength is in your letting go. Let go of your negative thoughts and replace them with what you want. Wake up in the dream and be here now. You are surrounded by love. You are nothing but love.

Rev yourself up. Get ready for the next level. Now is the time to take control of your mood. Now is the time to choose to switch to the reality you prefer. Now is the time to embrace your power. Now is the time to remember love conquers all.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.