You’re here for fun, and nothing is serious. #gratitude

You’re here for fun, and nothing is serious. #gratitude

Grateful to be home. Grateful to be breathing in the rain. Grateful we worked out this morning! Holy cow what a major manifestation! Grateful to feel so good in my body! Grateful for my wife. Grateful to have a partner. Grateful to be loved. Grateful to have someone to share my life with. Grateful I got to make a spinach smoothie for my wife. Grateful we already meditated!

Grateful for my cute kitties. Grateful for the power of my focus. Grateful I can focus on my breath and feel good. Grateful my arms are so sore. Grateful to have so much time to write! Grateful to be so in the flow! Grateful we get to drive to work. Grateful to be wearing a real bra. Grateful I trust the process of life. Grateful to know everything is ok. Grateful to feel fit and strong and healthy. So grateful for my health.

Grateful everything is so much easier now. Grateful to have so many patterns I'm adjusted to. Grateful to be a normal person, with a bedtime and salads for dinner. Grateful to be the person I want to be. Grateful to be able to breathe. Grateful to be on the next level. Grateful to feel like I've set my life up perfectly, and all I have to do now is enjoy it.

I appreciate having so much time to focus my vibration. I appreciate new tools that help me feel good. I appreciate that Kelly likes sleeping with the breath thing on. I appreciate Kelly's great attitude. I appreciate her laughter and her jokes. I appreciate her sense of humor. I appreciate that she's a great designer. I appreciate that she tears down walls and builds floors. I appreciate that she removes barriers between people. I appreciate that she gives her love fearlessly.

I am winning! I am in the flow. I am inspired and refreshed and energized and excited for this day! I am confident. I am joyful. I am in my natural state of happiness. I am filled with well being. I am leading. I am light. I am becoming lighter and more abundant every day.

I am a professional lifestreamer! I am paying my rent and bills with passive income. I am successful in everything I do. I am expanding the parts of my reality I like. I am focused. I am diligent. I am in the flow. I am guided by the flow. I am letting life live me. I am so energized.

I am loved. I am loving. I am generous and flowing. I am supportive and encouraging. I am a great teacher. I am patient. I am kind. I am calming. I am deep as the sea. I am tranquil. I am dreaming.

Dear Jessica,
Bask. Enjoy. This is all here for you. Everything that happens, is for you. Congratulations on coming this far. Congratulations on caring about how you feel. It's all paying off now. You must be having so much fun.

Just relax, and allow the day to bring you everything you desire. Allow yourself to receive gifts. Allow yourself to feel for the flow and follow it. Let it all come to you. It's all coming to you. It's all just for you.

You are so treasured. You are doing so great. You are adding so much light to the world. You are a perfect bridge between physical and non-physical. You are perfect. You are doing everything right. You are in the right place at the right time. You are winning! You are succeeding! You have everything you want in your hands.

Bask in your breath. Bask in the company of your friends. Hug. Smile. Laugh. Play. You're here for fun, and nothing is serious. Life is good. We love you so much. You are taken care of. Everything is going your way. Have so much fun today!

I intend to focus on my breath. I intend to stay busy. I intend to give the love I want to receive. I intend to give the encouragement and compliments and inspiration that I too want to receive. I intend to uplift, and inspire, and shine like a diamond. I intend to lead by example. I intend to keep my cool.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.