Intend to have fun and you will. #gratitude

Intend to have fun and you will. #gratitude

Grateful for this perfect day. Grateful Kelly did most of the chores! Grateful I helped with the rest! Grateful for our breathing thing! Grateful we ATE A SALAD FOR DINNER OMG MAJOR MANI. Grateful we did the grocery shopping and I filled my tank and we washed the car! Grateful to feel so amazing! Grateful for the best Sunday yet! Grateful to feel so good!

Grateful to be SO inspired to create. Grateful we put together a bid for new client work and it was easy and fun! Grateful for more income! Grateful to be in the flow! Grateful this is all really working! Grateful to feel focused. Grateful to have so much I'm excited about. Grateful for a new ebook idea! Grateful we get to go to work tomorrow! Grateful to feel absolutely buzzing with good energy!

Grateful we belong to a gym again. Grateful our gym is so perfect. Grateful we have so many friends there. Grateful to be part of so many different communities. Grateful for our friends. Grateful for money for groceries and gas and car washes! Grateful our rent is paid! Grateful I know exactly where my money comes from and how to get more. Grateful to be doing so great in business! What a relief!

Grateful for our bedtime. I better get in bed!

I intend to wake up feeling even better than I feel now. I intend to focus on my breath and euphorically spiral into lucid, sexy dreams. I intend to go higher and higher. I intend to have fun!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.