Hooray it’s the best day of our lives today! We made it! #gratitude

Hooray it’s the best day of our lives today!…

Grateful to be here. Grateful to be in the flow. Grateful to be breathing consciously. Grateful I wrote immediately upon waking. Grateful I know how to feel good. Grateful my wife is in such a good mood!

Grateful for a fresh week. Grateful we put away the laundry and cleaned under the sink and dealt with kitties + maintenance. Grateful we get to meditate. Grateful I like meditating. Grateful we get to breathe.

Grateful Kelly is writing. Grateful Kelly is in such a good mood! Grateful to be in 2 player mode!

Grateful to be married. Grateful to feel loved. Grateful to live with my partner. Grateful we get to help each other. Grateful we get to do this together. Grateful to be educated. Grateful to be such a good designer.

Dear Jessica, Relax and allow. Today is the best day of your life! You made it! It's time to bask and enjoy the patterns of flow you've created. Stay busy, breathe and focus on what you want. It's already yours.

You are perfect in every way, and so is every aspect of your life experience. You came here to have fun. Let yourself enjoy! Stop your thoughts, let the flow of life through, and watch the magick of life unfold.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.