Happy Monday! Start the week off right with #gratitude!

Happy Monday! Start the week off right with #gratitude!

Grateful to be awake and alive! Grateful to be up at 7! Grateful for a full night of sleep. Grateful for breathing. Grateful to listen to DoAsOne.org all night. Grateful to feel good! Grateful we get to go to class! Grateful to feel the best I've ever felt! Grateful to feel the flow! Grateful it's Monday and we get to drive to work! Grateful Pwny helped us wake up!

Grateful for new patterns. Grateful to iterate every single day. Grateful to do the work every single day. Grateful to go higher every single day. Grateful to be up early! Grateful for vivid dreams. Grateful for this Now. Grateful to be awake! Grateful it was easy to get up!

Grateful the rent and bills are paid. Grateful to be debt-free. Grateful to pay for the rent and bills with passive income! Grateful to reach my income goals! Grateful to always have enough! Grateful Kelly teaches me so much about business! Grateful I have so many Tuesday Tips for tomorrow!

Grateful to feel healthy and happy. Grateful life really can get this good. Grateful I am able to breathe consciously. Grateful to write immediately upon waking. Grateful it works so well. Grateful for my computer. Grateful for my lifestream. Grateful for this Now!!

Grateful to feel invigorated and excited and eager to create the day. Grateful to feel playful and confident and boss as hell. Grateful to feel pretty and attractive and slim and strong! Grateful to feel on top of my game. Grateful I know this is my time. Grateful to feel it in every inch of my body.

Grateful to be in fifth density. Grateful it's all just a story I get to make up. Grateful to lead the way. Grateful to be a bridge. Grateful to get to be the one to do this. Grateful to be the One. Grateful to be god in human form. Grateful to remember to breathe.

I appreciate being able to wake up early. I appreciate waking up rested. I appreciate needing fewer hours of sleep. I appreciate going to bed at our bed time! I appreciate having patterns I enjoy living. I appreciate Kelly being so sweet when she wakes up. I appreciate writing as soon as I wake up! It helps so much! I appreciate Pwny being so cute and helping us wake up.

I appreciate a brand new start to the week. I appreciate my power. I appreciate my strong body and my perfect health. I appreciate my clean, gassed-up car and fully stocked fridge. I appreciate having a job to go to. I appreciate how much I love my job! I appreciate my sweet wife. I appreciate having client work. I appreciate making money online. I appreciate generous donations! I appreciate other people lifestreaming! I appreciate feeling inspired! I appreciate being busy! I appreciate having things to do and people to see!

I intend to breathe. I intend to stay busy. I intend to play. I intend to laugh! I intend to light up the way with my pretty smile.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.