Choose to think “I am” instead of “I want” #gratitude

Choose to think “I am” instead of “I want”…

Grateful to be breathing. Grateful I can focus on my breath and everything slows down. Grateful I can focus on my breath and feel good. Grateful it works every time.

I am inspired. I am in the flow. I let it all come to me. I am a magnet for well being. I'm always playing outside. I am divinely inspired.

I appreciate feeling this good on a Sunday. I appreciate that we get to do a bid for client work! I appreciate Kelly doing the chores every Sunday. I appreciate it when I feel like helping. I appreciate knowing my mood is my only work. I appreciate how fun it is to find the thoughts that feel good each day.

I appreciate these thoughts that feel good today:

  • I am confident, the opposite of shy! I am able to communicate and live my ideas in real life, around other real people. I am able to share the gift of meditation, and gratitude, and appreciation, and lifestreaming. I am able to communicate what I know in person, instead of just through my website.
  • I am constantly surrounded by people who flirt with me and make me laugh.
  • I am perpetually focused on my breath. My breath (my life) is my source of feeling good.
  • I think, act, speak and consume as little as possible, always allowing the flow to present the "fuck yeah" opportunity.
  • I am deeply in love with my perfect wife, who takes such good care of us and our home. We are wild together, we love playing together, and we have so much fun together all day, every day. We work together in the flow, in two player mode. We are so romantic and fun and sexy together. We are the best!
  • Omg, we get to go to classes at the Y again! Body Pump, Body Combat, and Turbo Kickboxing! HELL YES! No more biking on above-90º days! Fuck that sandwich! AND we have switched up our meals to be lighter and more summery, spinach smoothies in the morning, cranberries and almonds for lunch, salads for dinner! HOORAY! MAJOR MANI!
  • I flow through life. I allow life to live me. I keep my mind quiet until inspired. The flow always knows, the flow always leads the way. I play through life.
  • I become lighter and more abundant every day!

I am so grateful my life feels so organized and in the flow. I am so grateful to feel like I have so many sustainable systems I live by. Want some system examples? Me too!

Lifestream posts. I love having a structure or a list of prompts to use when focusing my vibration to make it easier to feel good faster.

  • "I'm so grateful for..."
  • "I appreciate..."
  • "I am..."
  • "Dear Jessica..."
  • "I intend..."

Exercise. I love having a diverse exercise portfolio, so if one method doesn't work out or gets canceled, I always have something else I can count on.

  • Classes at the Y! Body Pump, Body Combat, Kickboxing!
  • Bicycling 17 miles for work on below 90º days
  • Walking 3 miles before work
  • Running 3 miles before work
  • Random night and weekend walks
  • Astrojax!
  • Hooping!
  • Trampoline!

Food. I love knowing what I'm going to eat, I love eating mostly raw, and I love eating light. I love eating vegan, I love it when my wife wants to eat raw with me, and I love it when she wants to eat salad with me! I love it when it's too hot to cook heavy food, I love lightening up in the summer.

  • Spinach smoothies for breakfast!
  • Cranberries and almonds for lunch!
  • Salad for dinner!
  • Magick pellets for workouts!
  • Raw macaroons for dessert! I love it when I spend time each day working on my site. I love it when Kelly works on it with me. I love that my site is a brand, not just me. I love that my site is bigger than me. I love feeling inspired to work on it all the time. I love the School of Life Design. I love having a forum to discuss my ideas. I love being a visionary. I love getting tons of traffic! I love getting comments and positive feedback. I love always having something to work on. I love how I never run out of ideas. I love how my site excites me so much. I love how much it has grown. I love how much joy it brings me. I love connecting with people through my site. I love how it's a way to talk to someone one-on-one. I love talking to people one-on-one.

  • Site redesign! Kel and I have come so far with the new design. I love that we give ourselves so much freedom and time to work on it. I love how we only work on it when it's fun. I love that the new design is coming together effortlessly!
  • Rabbit Hole. I just LOVE making new cards with Kelly! I love having a conceptual store-as-flow-toy! I love that I finally have a tarot deck! I love that I actually use it!
  • The School of Life Design! There are so many new things coming up! A subscription program, a rebrand, testimonials, and new resources. This project is my lifelong calling! It makes me more excited every day!
  • Omg a new worksheet platform! My stationery empire is alive!!
  • Earcandy. Our audio life design lesson platform is so successful and so fun to work on.
  • A total mailing list overhaul is coming!
  • Other shining upgrades include testimonials, a new about page, a sales page template... omg I'm so excited about it all.
  • My lifestream! I just love my lifestream! It keeps me going! It keeps me in the flow. It inspires me. It connects me. It tethers me to the Now. My lifestream is my breath. My lifestream is my flow. My lifestream is where I channel god.
  • Spellcasting. Really an entirely new/different subject. The power of intention is within my grasp, my only challenge now is to practice and stay conscious. I'm a witch! I'm in control! I can be or do or have anything I want! I set intentions with everything. I cast spells in all I do.

Other projects. I love having so many projects going on with Kelly. I love that we always have new ideas and are always trying new things. I love having an umbrella company. I love that we work so well together. I love how good I feel writing about my patterns!

  •! I love working on our podcast! I love it when I feel like recording videos. I love how we've been doing it for four years. I love that it gets better every episode. I love that it has taught me how to be on screen. I love how it made me comfortable with my voice and how I look. I love having four years of videos of me online!
  •! I love feeling excited about what I eat. I love keeping my eating-life in the flow. I love paying attention to detail with food. I love sharing photos and recipes. I love feeling organized and together and confident about what I eat. I love feeling good about what I put into my body. I love having fun with food. I love eating raw food. I love putting magick and intention into my food!
  •! I love sharing the gift of flow! I love sharing my experience with Astrojax! I love being able to share Astrojax. I love how much AJ has changed my life. I love how good I am at AJ! I love being in the flow with AJ! I love playing all day. I love that I love it enough to play every day. I love that it's my thing. I Love making new AJ videos. I love getting better at videos. I love getting better at playing. I love watching other people get better at playing. I love it when people are confident enough to play.
  •! I LOVE MAKING UNDERWATER VIDEOS! I love how many videos we sell! I love that we make so much money from the videos, when we make them just for fun! I love monetizing every aspect of my life! I Love literally being in a flow of water! I love swimming! I love not giving a fuck about selling videos of me swimming! I love that it's a fetish! I love being in water!
  •! I love how Kelly is getting so good at writing. I love how she always makes art to illustrate my articles now. I love how I can give her an assignment with only a word as the direction, and she comes up with brilliant work that's a perfect fit every time.

Business. I love finding ways to make business run smoothly. I love how much we learn at work about running a business. I love being inspired all day by the people I work with. I love learning from my mentors. I love finding new tips and tricks. I love tips! I love perks. I love bonuses. I love learning about how to manage money and make money. I love knowing how to work with clients. I love knowing how to treat every design problem as a puzzle.

  • Money. I am focused on my income. I keep detailed and accurate records for fun and to make taxes easier. I love making more money. I love getting paid unexpectedly. I love regular paychecks. I love receiving money in my inbox! I love getting donations. I love making money with affiliate links. I love selling videos. I love making products because it's my art. I love when people patronize my art. I love when I am able to help people with my art. I love getting paid! I love having money to travel! I love having money to go out! I love being debt-free. I love paying my rent and bills with passive income. I love making enough money to live the life I want to live, doing the work I want to do!
  • Systems. At work we have learned how to make things more efficient, especially things like blog posts. I have a system for posting TPP episodes, for collecting Tuesday Tips, and for lifestreaming. Kelly has a system for publishing underwater videos. I am developing a nomenclature for my site files. Sharing our creations is effortless and easy.
  • Clients. We've learned so much about how to work with clients! You just do it! You just work on it every day until it's done! You don't think about it! You just do the work! It's a puzzle like everything else, you can always feel the flow. It doesn't matter who the work is for, just do the puzzle.
  • Workflow rhythm. We know how to work in the flow. We know how to work at the same times every day. We know when to take breaks. We know to go to bed at the same time every night. We know how to not burn out. We know how to get things done and enjoy doing them!
  • Letting go. We've learned that in business, all you can do is do things for fun. If it's not fun, make it fun. If you can't make it fun, don't do it. Let go of the things you're not good at and don't want to do. Delegate. Let go.

I live in harmony with the universe. I live in flow. Every day I iterate upon my patterns and find new ways to flow with life. I have found my creative, business, exercise, sleep, food and social flow. My flow is natural. My flow is sexy. All I can see is the flow, in everything I do.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Jen

    You’re doing great work! Love you both so much. I’m excited for all the good things that are about to happen!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you so much Jen! Everything is going so well! I love you so much! It’s all unfolding perfectly! <3

  • Mia

    Such an inspiring post! I love hearing about all your projects and ways to feel good.

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