Rainbow balanced on #gratitude

Rainbow balanced on #gratitude

Grateful to keep the focus going. Grateful to be flowing and knowing. Grateful for my friends. Grateful I never have to worry. Grateful the flow keeps going and never ends. Grateful to be a bridge. Grateful to see magick all around me.

Grateful to feel secure and confident. Grateful for the perfect timing of everything. Grateful I can always put myself in a good mood. Grateful for Kelly! Grateful to have a partner in life and design. Grateful to be loved. Grateful to be focused here.

Grateful to trust life. Grateful to be aware of my thoughts. Grateful for how far I've come in the past 2 years. Grateful to let life live me. Grateful to feel the way I want to feel.

I am energized and playful! I am refreshed and full of knowing! I am walking the tightrope and trusting my balance. I am balanced. I am focused in the flow. I am fearless. I am strong. I am the leader. I am the bridge. I am the light.

I am in the flow. I am playful! I am light! I am silly and fun and bright and uplifting. I am laughing. I am breathing. I am more focused in the moment with each breath. I am the best. I am the one. I am the now. I am all that is. I am god.

I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am perfect. I am in control of my vibration regardless of circumstance. I keep my cool. I keep my balance. I focus on what I want.

I Am leading. I am lighting up the way. I am light and playful and I feel the best I've ever felt.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.