Download Software for Your Mind: The “I Want to Feel Better” Worksheet

I Want to Feel Better

Download Software for Your Mind: The “I Want to…

I Want to Feel Better

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Emotions are indicators of alignment with source energy. The better you feel, the more aligned you are. The more aligned you are, the more effortless and joyful your life becomes. Feeling good is the only thing that matters, because when you feel good, you are working with the flow of life instead of against it. When you are living in the flow, there is only synchronicity, fun and love.

Consciously choosing to feel the way you want to feel is your work as a vibrational being. Your mood is your work. It comes before your job, or your family, or your health. If you align your mood first, your job, family and health will reflect your chosen vibration. You have the power to choose how you feel, which means that you have the power to choose alignment at all times. Discovering how to feel good no matter what is your challenge in this life.

As we flow through the ups and downs of life, sometimes we forget that we hold the power to feel good within. One of the most common questions anyone on the path of conscious creation may ask is, "But how do I feel good?"

Finding the answer to that question is your job here on Earth. But while we all must seek our own ways of feeling good, there are shortcuts to get there faster. Stopping thought is one way to instantly feel good, and practicing the feeling of having what you want works too.

Introducing: Software for Your Mind

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In our endless quest to feel better, Kelly and I like to come up with tools that help us feel good when we forget how to do it ourselves. Our latest creation is a mental program that helps you replace negative thoughts with the version of reality you want to live.

This worksheet is designed in flow-chart format to emulate a software program. It's not fun in a board game sense. It's fun in an "I'm tripping my balls off, why didn't anyone tell me I could do this!" sense. It's realtime shapeshifting, realtime switching to the reality you prefer. It's extremely powerful. It feels like being in an infinite loop of leveling up, consciously and intentionally.

We're offering this mind software as a digital PDF download for $5, which you can purchase by clicking the link below. After paying with Paypal, you will receive an email with a link to download the file. Print out as many copies as you like, and run the program in your mind until you feel better. It works every time.

Click here to buy the "I Want to Feel Better" mind software worksheet now

Handwritten with love, this 3.4-Mb PDF will spiral you upwards into higher vibrations than ever before. No matter how you feel right now, you can always feel better. Just imagine what incredible experiences are waiting for you at those higher vibrations!

Download Now $5

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