Tuesday Tips: 17 Ways to Start the Month Off Right

Tuesday Tips: 17 Ways to Start the Month Off…

Tuesday Tips is a May Day basket full of helpful hints I gather throughout each week. When I notice something working in my own life, I add it to my list of gems to share with you. There are infinite ways to feel good; below you will find 17 that work for me.


1. You know when to act. Listen.
The other day Kelly gave me the best advice I've ever heard. "You know when action is being pulled through you because you ain't thinking about whether you should be doin' it or not."

2. Read other lifestreamers.
Katja has a major epiphany: she realizes she actually does know how to make herself happy. Lynn encourages herself to give what she perceives to be missing. For more, check out this list of lifestreams in the School of Life Design Facebook group.

3. Count, especially if you think you don't need to.
Feeling really good and want to stay there? Milk your good feelings by stopping thought to stay in the Now.

4. Lifestream!
The more people lifestreaming about how good their lives are, the more people get to see it and believe it, the more they see evidence in their own lives. Make the choice to share first, and be amazed by what people begin to share with you.


5. Notice it, get more of it.
Look for the tiniest speck of evidence, a grain of sand, that represents evidence that you have what you want. You have to be in the flow of looking to get the bigger, better manifestations. You have to expect them. You can twist the tiniest things to look like evidence. It's all a matter of shifting your perspective intentionally.

6. Meditate before you medicate.
Do you believe you need someone outside of you to fix you, or do you believe you can heal yourself?

7. Cast spells on your life.
Spellcasting is a fun way to think about what you want and trust it's coming. You are a magickal being who can be or do or have anything you want. Spellcasting is one way to practice believing that. Bonus points for using a magick wand, lighting candles, or brewing elixirs.

8. Read Osho.
Osho provides a fantastic perspective on time, space, past and future. If you want to be in the Now, let your thoughts go.

The present is just a dividing line, that’s all. It has no space. It divides the past and the future; just a dividing line. You can be in the present but you cannot think; for thinking, space is needed. Thoughts need space, they are just like things — remember it. Thoughts are subtle things, they are material; thoughts are not spiritual, because the dimension of the spiritual starts only when there are no thoughts. Thoughts are material things, very subtle, and every material thing needs space. You cannot be thinking in the present; the moment you start thinking it is already the past.

9. Ask yourself what you want as often as you can.
Sometimes I get what I want then have no idea what to do because the old things that used to make me feel good just don't work anymore. Every day I want new things. Every day I want to feel something slightly different to become a match to what I've expanded to. Every day I want a new mantra, a new method, a new thought, a new perspective that helps me feel good. That's the work: to wake up every single day and find the perspective that feels good.


10. Ask yourself how you want to feel.
Ask yourself in the morning. I usually want to feel light, confident and playful. Ask yourself again after work. I want to feel energized and inspired. Ask yourself again before bed. I want to feel exhilarated. The only way to get from here to what you want is to feel the way you want to feel, now. Read Danielle Laporte for more detailed instructions.

11. Play Astrojax!
Astrojax is like an invisible friend that encourages you to lighten up and have a good time. Allow yourself to play along and the flow will surprise, delight, and inspire you.

12. Feel the flow with drawing.
Let the pen tell you a story about how everything is connected.

13. Love every Now equally like your children or pets.
Just because one kid is a star athlete doesn't mean you love the reclusive loner any less. Like children, each Now has something uniquely divine to offer. Look for it.


14. Look for evidence that you're receiving what you wanted.
If you're unhappy in the Now, you're avoiding receiving something that you wanted. Let yourself be in the moment and know that this moment was created to give you something you wanted. Just be in the Now for five minutes, try to do whatever is there for you for five minutes, just say yes for a few minutes. You only have to take one step in the right direction and the flow will carry you away.

15. Surrender.
Life lives you whether you let it or not. You either struggle, or enjoy. Let go! You can't be any more enlightened than you are right now. Accept that. Enjoy where you are. You truly are in the right place at the right time. It can be no other way.

16. Live a high-contrast life, get bright solutions.
My creative output is only good when I go through contrast. I only have new things to share when I experience what I don't want, because that's the only way to find new things to want, new ways to expand, and new things to learn. Be willing to explore more of what you don't want to see more of what you do want.

17. Choose change, or change will choose you.
You know what you need to do. You always have life on your side. You're not alone in this. Listen to your heart, feel for the instructions your gut is giving you. Take the leap you know you need to make. Just face the way you want to go, dip your toe in the water, and let that which made you carry you downstream.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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