Rainbow revels in riches with #gratitude

Rainbow revels in riches with #gratitude

Grateful to be awake and alive! Grateful to be up so early! Grateful for my sweet wife who wakes up with me. Grateful to say yes. Grateful to have new patterns! Grateful to decide how I want life to be and then it's that way! Grateful to live in such a perfect city! Grateful to be in the flow! Grateful it's Saturday and I'm soooo excited!

Grateful for time to create. Grateful to feel so much joy. Grateful we worked on my site and I came up with 2 new worksheets and everything is perfect and I feel good again!

Grateful to have time! Grateful to be the creator of time! Grateful to be learning more every day how to choose feeling good! Grateful it gets easier every day! Grateful for Linty sleeping on my lap! Grateful for new ideas and inspiration! Grateful for my high contrast life! Grateful I can navigate this shit like a BOSS!

Grateful to wake up to donations and sales! Grateful for everyone's support! Grateful our rent is paid with passive income! Grateful to be DEBT FREE!!! Grateful to have money to go out tonight! Grateful to feel great!

I feel FUN! I feel light! I feel playful! I feel confident! I feel exhilarated!

I am at the top of my game! I'm higher than I've ever been! I'm the best! I'm doing everything right!

I just breathe and stay in the space-less line of the present. I say yes. I listen to my gut. I don't care. I think about what I want. I take the first step. I trust. I trust. I trust. And I am always richly rewarded.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.