Rainbow plays her mood like a flute with #gratitude. Also included: glitter art.

Rainbow plays her mood like a flute with #gratitude.…

I am so grateful to feel focused and inspired. I am so grateful to feel confident, light and playful. I am so grateful to feel exhilarated and powerful! I am so grateful to know more of what I want. I am so grateful to live a high-contrast life!

I am so grateful to be inspired to create new things, such as:

  • Jessicamullen.com redesign! It's just breathtaking! The concept: FUN.
  • Two new whimsical worksheets, omg what a major manifestation!
  • A guided meditation YESSSSSS! So grateful for the suggestion from Katrina!
  • Photobooth self-portraits with drawings on top, I just loooove making those. I've finally found my drawing flow again!
  • Spells! Because I'm a witch! *cackles like a witch*
  • Graphic design in general, I've re-found that flow too! Graphic design is just a visual puzzle that you can feel. Play is integral!
  • A new TPP episode is coming up that makes me laugh soooo hard.
  • New advancements in lifestreaming technology, always, every day, forever! I LOVE LIFESTREAMING! My life is a show, the camera is always on, my life is my art, and I LOVE IT.

I'm just so grateful to be into my work again. I'm so grateful for the contrast I lived to create such glorious solutions. I'm so grateful I always take the unknown path. So grateful to have a partner who is a designer and artist, who inspires me every single day!

So grateful it's getting so much easier to accept contrast graciously and make the best of it. So grateful to be at peace with what is. So grateful to feel happy with who I am, where I am. So grateful to have methods and processes to use to feel good. So grateful to do the work, all day, every day. So grateful to choose to feel good. So grateful to be in the Now! So grateful it's getting easier to choose the Now!

I appreciate this perfect day. I appreciate my bedtime. I appreciate getting up early on Saturday. I appreciate feeling focused. I appreciate feeling creative. I appreciate feeling inspired. I appreciate having enough money to spend on whatever I want. I appreciate feeling supported. I appreciate feeling loved. I appreciate my partner! I appreciate my peaceful home. I appreciate being in the flow. I appreciate how good I am at Astrojax! I appreciate things that help me play. I appreciate being able to breathe. I appreciate deep breaths. I appreciate feeling inspired to make art. I appreciate being able to feel the flow more and more every day, everywhere I go. I appreciate the feeling of trust. I appreciate knowing what to do next. I appreciate having a quiet mind so I can hear the whisper of infinite intelligence. I appreciate being infinite intelligence. I appreciate being excited to be alive! I appreciate being an explorer, a visionary, a leader and a bridge to the unknown!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.