Tuesday Tips: 8 Ways to Float Through Your Day

Artwork by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 8 Ways to Float Through Your Day

Artwork by Kelly Cree

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly breath of fresh air for your mind. This week we keep it simple and remember that none of this is serious. Just let go of those things that bother you and keep your focus on your dreams. You're already living the life you want; all that's left to do is play!


1. Keep busy.
It's a lot easier to avoid negative thoughts when you're too busy to think. When you have downtime, read a book (here are my suggestions), create, exercise or socialize. Plus, the more time I spend working on my projects, the more money flows in.

2. Die with $2.
Enjoy what you have now.

3. Embrace change.
Change is always good. When you know the universe is always trying to bring you what you want, you learn not to resist when things aren't exactly as you expect them to be. If something breaks, or goes wrong, it is always a solution. It's like shuffling the deck—you can never get a new hand if you don't let go of the cards you're holding.

4. Get a Rabbit Hole reading.
Rabbit Hole is a life design tarot deck Kelly and I are making. When you go to the site, a card is randomly selected and displayed for you. Since you can only see what you are a vibrational match to, whatever card you draw will give you a little piece of advice that is relevant to you right now. Click on the card to find more answers.


5. Write yourself a welcome-back letter to read when you wake up.
Remind yourself that this life is just a dream, it's not serious, and it's all for fun. Kelly has a wonderful version:

welcome back
you are experiencing a simulation
you are the creator of the simulation

you are, in essence, the dreamer
you chose to be here
you chose this creative experience
because it’s the most
creative experience imaginable

you chose to be here and create
you are safe here
any desire you are able to conjure
is created in the moment you have that

your creative power is in your thoughts
what you think about
in that little mind of yours
is what you create

it’s totally up to you

6. Ask yourself: Is your dream yours or inherited?
Is it your wish or your father's? Would you still wish it in 14 years? Mia Astral changed my life forever when she posed that question. I realized that my dream to be skinny and rich is just a dream of conditioned society, and not something I actually care about. Of course the two areas in life I struggle with the most are not my true desires, because if they were, they would be easy and fun to work towards, not torturous. If you want something and you hate working towards it, ask if it's really you who wants it, or is it your parents' wish?


7. Make peace with the pain of contrast.
My new friend Donna gave me a brilliant view on the creation process: "I love catching up and lagging behind mustering up more goodies to catch up with." She went on to remind me of an awesome Abraham concept: I'm either contributing to my vortex, or I'm in it. This means that when you feel bad, your desire for something different is creating a new reality for you to enjoy. You simply can't create anything new if you don't experience the contrast that makes you ask for something different. Abraham reminds us that if we didn't have contrast, we would die:

As you diminish contrast, you diminish your ability to decide, and as you diminish your ability to decide, you diminish your ability to focus, and as you diminish your ability to focus, you do away with your reason for existing.


8. Be here.
As I learn to stop obsessing over weight and money and things that don't matter, I find myself with a lot of empty space in my head. It seems like it's getting easier for everyone to just enjoy being alive. To stay anchored in the Now, I've been using a simple mantra that keeps it all in perspective: "I'm here." What a miracle. I'm so grateful you're here too.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Dani

    What a wonderful post, I felt really inspired! Hope you’ll keep writing things like this cause I’ll come back for more :)

  • Katrina

    Hi Jessica :)

    Have you ever thought of leading/recording a guided meditation? I think you would be fabulous at it!

    I love your site, you’re such an inspiration!


  • jessica mullen

    Dani, thank you! It only gets better from here ;]

    Katrina, that is such an exciting idea! I’ve always wanted to! Earlier today I remembered this time when I drunkenly lead a seance in a cellar which to me was the most fun thing I’d ever done. I can definitely see the natural progression to guided meditations!! Really, thanks for the suggestion because now I think I’m ready to do it. Yay I asked for inspiration and it came! You are awesome :D

  • ed

    thanks for this jessica

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