Rainbow remembers she can swim in the deep end with so much relief & #gratitude

Rainbow remembers she can swim in the deep end…

Grateful life is so crazy and fun and deep and hilarious and changing. Grateful for my wife who took care of me. Grateful to look to other things to feel good. Grateful to be so in the moment. Grateful to make new decisions. Grateful to choose change before change chooses me.

Grateful to pause and look at my body and thank it. Grateful to realize how much better I can treat it. Indulge the senses, but eating well and exercising feel good too. They indulge the spirit, when you treat your physical body like a spiritual being.

Grateful to have a high baseline for exercise and health. Grateful to remember how to focus on physical reality. Grateful to remember again and again the trip. Grateful to understand why I go back to physical reality so much. To remember it's properties, it's patterns. When I am dead sober in physical reality, many patterns I get paranoid/forgetful about are in plain sight. How to deal with authority, how to deal with time and schedules and deadlines, driving, spelling, attention to detail. I love that I can hack that shit. It's fun to have positive beliefs because I see the pattern of the flow to know how to work with it. How to take the flow back to physical.

I am a bridge. My mood is my work. My mood is my work. My mood is my only work. My mood is my only work. Always, and forever. My mood is my only work. My mood is my only work. My mood is my only work. My mood is my only work. My mood is my only work. My mood is my only work. I always know. I always know. In the moment I always know exactly what to do. Sometimes the mind resists that knowledge, wanting to work it out on it's own. It can't. It can't process all the possibilities and magick. But it's what asks the question. What are the details. How does that work.

Learning to tame a mind is so fun, but it doesn't have to be done. You could just be exceptionally good at not using the mind, which is what mind-users want so badly to do. The mind can be a crutch, the mind can give you temporary cures but not prevention, not making new patterns. You gotta dig deep.

I'm so grateful I feel the best I've ever felt. I'm so grateful for the power of brilliant ideas next to me that I attracted because I released resistance all at once.

I'm so grateful to be here. I'm so grateful to choose to feel good. Grateful for bedtimes and challenges and new workout schedules. Grateful to be taking care of my body.

Grateful to feel connected. Grateful to be a bicyclist. Grateful to have a diverse exercise portfolio. Grateful to play AJ tonight! Omg what a beautiful reminder that was. Wow AJ is so fun and amazing and educational.

Grateful Kelly took care of me from the moment we got home, having us meditate and relax and count. She saves me every day. She is my perfect balance. She is so fun. She is so beautiful. She is so perfect. She is so smart and creative and SO FUNNY. Grateful to have such a perfect wife. Grateful to be so in love. Grateful we have so much fun together. Grateful she makes the art for my site!!!!!! Grateful to collaborate. Grateful to feel the flow in 2 player mode!!

Grateful to be here, awake and alive. Grateful to get goosebumps all night. Grateful to be in the flow, plain and simple. Grateful to get it. Grateful to feel a whole new level. Grateful I ask for new levels and then they come. Grateful to do what I do. Grateful writing feels so good. Grateful to feel this! Grateful to focus here! Grateful to see what I see so clearly!!

Grateful to release resistance. Grateful to be the part of the balance that I am. Grateful to feel the tug of life in everything I do, from waking up in the morning to cleaning to cooking to biking to spending to jokes to writing to watching tv. Everything is a message, and I can follow it or not. I can create consciously or I can create unconsciously. I have to be willing to admit I'm collaborating with god.

Grateful to be here so soon again. Grateful to be leveling up in the craziest of ways. Grateful to be focused on new thought patterns. Grateful to remember to not care. Grateful to be finding evidence of my own power everywhere I look. Grateful to remember to be light! To be here! To play! To have fun!

I really understand play a lot better today.

I appreciate everything I learned today. I appreciate the contrast I've lived. I appreciate the unique creations and solutions I make for myself. I appreciate playing the game. I appreciate being able to better sense the flow in every day life. I appreciate being able to go deeper and deeper into the Now. It sure explains a lot of my dreams. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Thanks Osho.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.