Rainbow keeps the flow moving with #gratitude

Rainbow keeps the flow moving with #gratitude

Grateful to be alive. Grateful to feel focused and at ease. Grateful to not care. Grateful for Astrojax and tiaras and Kelly's art and pink hair and birthday weeks and external hard drives and nice pens and a crayon stylus for my phone.

Grateful for a few more minutes to write. Grateful to be a professional lifestreamer. Grateful to be married to a famous artist. Grateful Kelly got a new art studio!!! So grateful for my inspiring wife.

Grateful to keep working on our projects a little bit every day. Grateful it's so invigorating. Grateful to stay busy. Grateful for my Tuesday Tips. Grateful for all the free space in my head. Grateful to release resistance.

I'm here. I don't care. Stay busy. That doesn't matter. Play. Be light. Have fun. I love myself. I'm here.

Grateful for my mantras. Grateful for the inspiring words surrounding me. Grateful to like myself. Grateful to feel good in my skin. Grateful to know my passion. Grateful feeling good is my passion.

My passion is feeling good. I feel good by allowing the magick of life to flow through me. Life design is my study of the flow. My lifestream is where I practice what I learn. My articles are where I share my successes.

I appreciate iterating my mission statement. I appreciate having so much time to create. I appreciate getting to create before and after work. I appreciate my health and my wealth and my love and my strength and my confidence. I appreciate not caring. I appreciate knowing everything is perfect. I appreciate being in the moment and I appreciate YOU!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.