Rainbow appreciates being happy to be alive & not giving a fuck with #gratitude!

Rainbow appreciates being happy to be alive & not…

Grateful for a bedtime. Grateful to make a new store in one night. Grateful to have fun with my wife. Grateful for cheap wine and good food. Grateful to let go of resistance. Grateful to feel peaceful. Grateful for binaural beats. Grateful to be the best at what I do. Grateful to be real. Grateful to feel relief. Grateful to let go. Grateful to know everything is perfect. Grateful to release the feeling of obsession.

Grateful to keep busy. Grateful to be into my own work. Grateful to be a lifestreamer. Grateful to feel better every day. Grateful to have so much mental space cleared by not thinking about food. Grateful to start having visuals every time I get in the flow. Grateful to be the best. Grateful to be the one. Grateful to be god. Grateful to be special. Grateful to know I'm god.

Grateful to feel at ease. Grateful to not be mad at myself. Grateful to love myself. Grateful to love my reality. Grateful to be inspired. Grateful for other honest people. Grateful for the flow. Grateful to be in the flow!

Grateful to have $200 Amazon affiliate checks. Grateful to make enough passive income to pay the rent and all my bills. Grateful to be debt free. Grateful to release resistance! Grateful to know it's whatever I want! Grateful to feel good! Grateful to choose this! Grateful it's all adding up!!

Grateful for my wife. Grateful the better it gets, the better it gets. Grateful to be so creatively inspired. Grateful to work on our own work every night. Grateful to feel the momentum.

Grateful to have enough money. Grateful to be surrounded with abundance. Grateful to already have the body of my dreams and realize that I'm already perfect. Grateful to let go of my food thoughts. Grateful to stop feeling bad. Grateful to feel so light because I just don't think about that shit anymore! Grateful I can just stop thinking about it and I stop feeling bad!!!!

I appreciate feeling so in the flow. I appreciate how easy life is getting. I appreciate how I'm able to see the miracle of life in every moment. I appreciate how I'm able to trip in every moment. I appreciate seeing the magick of life. I appreciate feeling serene and tranquil and peaceful. I appreciate feeling love for myself and my reality. I appreciate the support of all the generous people who donate to me and Kelly. I appreciate people who help me pay my bills and keep doing this site. I appreciate that I will do this site forever no matter how much money comes from it. I appreciate having passion. I appreciate feeling safe.

I appreciate feeling loved. I appreciate the feeling of NOT CARING! I appreciate allowing myself to enjoy life because I'm not constantly making myself feel bad for not weighing a specific number or having a specific number in my bank account. I appreciate my success. I appreciate my business model. I appreciate my business partner. I appreciate being in love! I appreciate loving life! I appreciate feeling good! I appreciate life taking care of me! I appreciate feeling so good before bed! I appreciate feeling excited about writing my Tuesday Tips in the morning! I appreciate living in patterns! I appreciate feeling the best I've ever felt! I appreciate being able to feel good no matter what, because I'm alive and breathing and life is just meant to be FUN!!! <3

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.