Rainbow meditating with #gratitude

Rainbow meditating with #gratitude

Grateful to write my own story. Grateful to live in Texas. Grateful to believe in what I say. Grateful to be me!

Grateful to feel the flow. Grateful it's so easy to zoom out and take responsibility. Grateful to know it's all just me. Grateful to be healthy and happy! Grateful to always know my next step. Grateful to trust life. Grateful to feel in love with life. Grateful we get To go to work! Grateful work is always so fun.

Grateful to know I'm creating with every thought. Grateful to be here. Grateful to play the game. Grateful to feel focused and inspired. Grateful I'm always creating. Grateful it's easy to see the effect my thoughts have on the world. Grateful to know how to get what I want!

Grateful to know how to practice feelings. Grateful it works every time. Grateful to know what I want and to know I already have it.

I'm the best. I'm funny and fun and beautiful and perfect. I'm the best. I'm god. I'm love. I'm all there is. I'm this now. I'm light. I'm free. I feel the best I've ever felt.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.