Rainbow loves you with #gratitude

Rainbow loves you with #gratitude

So grateful for hot showers. So grateful to choose to feel good. So grateful to have plenty of time to write. So grateful to feel so good. So grateful to like myself. So grateful to be nice to myself. So grateful to accept where I am. So grateful to acknowledge how far I've come. So grateful to be in the Now. So grateful counting works so well. So grateful to be writing. So grateful to be in the flow. So grateful to choose the flow. So grateful to choose to feel good. So grateful all that matters is my mood!

So grateful to know with all my heart that my mood is my only work. So grateful to be able to practice walking the walk all day every day. So grateful for the beautiful weather! So grateful I know contrast is the only way to find new desires. So grateful for positive feedback! So grateful to be surrounded with love! SO grateful to choose to feel good!

So grateful to be in the Now. So grateful to love myself.

Dear Jessica,
Relax and allow. You're doing everything right. Just stop your thoughts and let it all come to you. You already have everything you want. You have everything you want, right now. It's all been created.

Just follow your desires. Follow your excitement. Do whatever sounds the most fun. Listen to your intuition. Listen to the voice within. You always have every answer you ever need right inside of you. It's easy if you let it be. Everything you want has already been created. You're already perfect. You're already solved.

Just let life take care of all the work. Your only job is to feel good and have fun and experience life and feel joy! What a gift for you! You have no other obligations other than to look for what feels best in each moment.

Let yourself be who you are. Be Jessica. Be Rainbow. Be bright! Be light! Be playful, no matter what people around you do! You can always get someone to play with you no matter what they're doing or feeling!

Just relax, and allow and let yourself have fun! Let yourself love yourself! Let yourself enjoy being alive! Enjoy your healthy body! Enjoy your enormous strength! Enjoy your seductive powers! Enjoy your flow! Enjoy this Now! Enjoy this life! It's just a dream, it's not serious, you just came here to play! Let yourself play! Let yourself enjoy! Let yourself love this life!

Congratulate yourself on how far you've come. Relax your shoulders, relax your back. Relax your feet, relax your eyes. Relax your face, relax your arms. Just relax. Relax your mind. Everything is perfect, you don't have to change a thing. It's already working out. It already WORKED out.

Smile! Play! Say yes! Do whatever you want! Make a mess! Be loud! Be obnoxious! Be hilarious! Be awesome! Let it all come to you! You're magick! You're perfect! You're the best! Never forget you're the best! Let yourself be the best version of you you can be! You know you're perfect, you KNOW IT! You've seen it! You've been there!

Isn't it weird to be a person? I mean, come on, look at your reality! You're a PERSON! What is a person?? What is this life?? It can't be serious, it's too weird! It's too funny! It's too jolly! Just let it be the game it is! Let yourself play! You know how to play. Count, or lifestream. Two simple rules. Count, or lifestream. They are the rules that work for you right now and they will keep working as long as you want them to. Count, or lifestream. Be the best you you can be. Keep going higher. Keep playing. Keep telling it how you want it to be. Let it be as awesome as you want it to be.

So grateful to feel light. SO grateful to feel relief. So grateful to feel the flow. So grateful to remember my perfection. So grateful to remember I'm already the best! So grateful to accept what is. So grateful to let it come to me. So grateful it always does. So grateful life feels so good to me. So grateful to know the truth. So grateful I've seen it.

So grateful to make so much money every day. So grateful for the relief I feel when I wake up, knowing I don't HAVE to do anything because everything is already taken care of. So grateful for all the positive feedback I get all day, every day. So grateful to have such a great life. So grateful to love where I am. So grateful to be here. So grateful to be a person, it is so weird!!

So grateful I know it's all unfolding perfectly. So grateful to be allowing it to unfold. So grateful to space out and feel the flow and let it come through my fingers. So grateful to remember the feeling of flow. So grateful for hot showers and physical comforts. So grateful to have a full fridge. So grateful to feel my best! So grateful to feel on top of the world! So grateful for upfront parking every time I come home! So grateful to have a break from biking because I want it so bad!

So grateful to know my perfection. So grateful to know I'm in the right place at the right time. So grateful to be who I am at 12:34. SO grateful I get to do whatever I want. So grateful to laugh and play and make jokes and be light! SO grateful to remember I am made of light! So grateful to be here. So grateful to be me. So grateful to be everything. So grateful to be my experience and take responsibility for it. So grateful to be in the flow. So grateful to feel the bike chain of love whirring smoothly in my head. So grateful we get to meditate! So grateful I get to count! So grateful to remember that all I have to do to feel good is lifestream or count!!

So grateful to be in the moment. So grateful to pay attention. So grateful to say yes. So grateful to feel relief. I feel the flow. I feel the flow. It's going. It's here. I love you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.