Rainbow has so many generous people in her life! #gratitude

Rainbow has so many generous people in her life!…

So grateful we meditated. So grateful I counted to 7500. So grateful to be so hard in the flow. So grateful the chores are done. So grateful to feel like shopping and cleaning. So grateful to feel like cooking and creating. So grateful for the best Sunday ever! So grateful to be feeling the flow so hard!

SO grateful for free groceries! So grateful to be interviewed about lifestreaming! So grateful to get a book offer! So grateful for an offer to teach at UT! So grateful to be so successful! SO grateful all my research paid off! So grateful all that matters is how I feel! So grateful to feel so focused! So grateful to focus on gratitude!

So grateful grocery shopping is always so fun! So grateful driving around our beautiful city is so exhilarating! So grateful to live in a destination city! So grateful to see visual flow! So grateful to be in the flow! So grateful for the gifts life is giving me!

So grateful to sell products while we meditate! So grateful sales are through the roof! So grateful to have so much to offer! So grateful everything is in place! SO grateful for Rabbit Hole! SO grateful my site redesign is done! So grateful to be excited to create! SO grateful to be excited to code! SO grateful to be me! SO grateful to be in the flow!

SO grateful for new Bluehost signups. So grateful for generous donations! THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting my work! Thank you so much for believing in me! Thank you for loving me! Thank you for taking care of me and making sure I can pay my rent and buy food and pay my phone bill! Thank you for being so generous! Thank you for your love!

SO grateful everything is taken care of. So grateful I've already achieved what I wanted to achieve. So grateful I get to relax and bask now. So grateful to get to play and laugh and dance! SO grateful to be in the flow! I wanted this! I asked for this! ANd now it's here!

So grateful to feel confident. So grateful to have my bills paid. So grateful the rent is paid. So grateful we always have a full tank and a full box and a full fridge. So grateful I care about how I feel. So grateful it pays off times a million!

So grateful for it's flowing. SO grateful people are being so generous to me. So grateful I can return their generosity with my creations. So grateful to give what I can. So grateful to feel like giving. So grateful all i have to write about is gratitude and appreciation and everything unfolds perfectly from there.

SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU! Thank you for supporting me! Thank you for taking care of me! Thank you for putting food on my table! Thank you for reading my words! Thank you for choosing to feel good! Thank you for caring about how you feel! Thank you for giving what you want to receive! Thank you for taking a chance on me! Thank you for existing! I love you so much, you're doing so great!!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.