Tuesday Tips: 13 Ways to Be Nice to Yourself

artwork by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 13 Ways to Be Nice to Yourself

artwork by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips is a weekly handbook on going with the flow. The more we practice listening to what life tells us, the more fun it gets to be alive. We all have access to the flow 24/7, and these tips are just ways to remember we already hold the keys to any door we want to open. Be easy on yourself and life will be easy on you.


1. Have a bedtime.
I've always known it was important to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, but I resisted it like a petulant child every single night of my adult life. My sleep habits have always felt like total chaos. It is with great relief that I admit, yet again, that my dad was right. A consistent sleep schedule adds a calming rhythm to daily life.

2. Make life design patterns.
On the same note as a consistent sleep schedule, try keeping life-maintenance activities in a pattern. When you decide that you're going to do something regularly, you don't have to think about it, and therefore you resist less. Do the grocery shopping the same day every week. Make your lunch at the same time. Go to the car wash every Sunday. Automating basic life tasks makes them feel like flow instead of work.

3. Tell the version you want.
This applies to everything. It doesn't matter whether you believe your story or not, only that you practice telling it. Your mind is so easy to trick! The more you say things are the way you want them to be, the more evidence you'll find that it's true. Listen to your thoughts and words for times when you are clearly saying "Why is it the way I don't want it to be?" and just decide to think differently.

4. Take care of your physical needs.
Life design is only fun when you're healthy and rested. Sleep 8 hours a night. Eat what you know is right. Exercise 5 days a week. Have plenty of orgasms. Drink lots of water. Until we stop believing these things are important, we just have to accept them and move on. (Thanks for this one, Jen!)

5. Follow Chalene!
Chalene Johnson is the creator of Turbo Kickboxing (my FAVORITE workout), and she lives the healthy lifestyle she promotes. (Not to mention, she's a self-made millionaire and hot as hell.) Her Twitter and Instagram are mega-inspiring and it's fun to watch someone practicing what they preach.

6. Just stop doing that one thing that keeps you out of the vortex.
For me it's eating too much before bed. Just stop. Give it up. You can just drop it from your life, right now. One of my favorite Carlos Castaneda quotes always helps me believe in my power to do this: "People hardly ever realize that we can cut anything from our lives, any time, just like that. For example, smoking and drinking are nothing. Nothing at all if we want to drop them. Only one thing is indispensable for anything we do; the spirit. One can't do without the spirit." Read Adrienne's take on action and the law of attraction for more inspiration.


7. Decide you're winning.
Betty gave me my favorite mantra of the week: "I'm winning!" It helps me focus on success instead of failure.

8. Think of one thing to compliment about every person you see.
When you criticize others, you criticize yourself. Make the choice to compliment others, and you'll find those same qualities within.


9. Measure only your joy.
We are here for fun, not to grow or make progress. Those things come naturally with joy. Every time I find myself writing about how grateful I am for the progress I made in my work, I remember to think that I am much more grateful for the joy I felt while working.

10. Remember, nothing is serious.
Whenever shit seems serious and you feel stressed, remember this is all just for fun.

11. Practice the feeling of trust.
Sometimes when riding my bike in traffic, I have to go between the curb and cars in a teeny little area with no room for error. If I waver, I'll crash. I've found that every time I do it, I feel this feeling in my head that I now recognize as flow, or trust. It's the same feeling as riding a bike with no hands, or walking a tightrope, or jumping off a cliff. You just have to trust that you can do it, or you'll hurt yourself. It's the feeling of perfect balance. If you can find physical ways to practice this feeling (like on a bicycle), it gets way easier to feel it throughout your daily life.


12. Be your remembering self with your pets.
Pets are so easygoing and obedient that it can be easy to ignore them. This week I'm practicing listening to my kitties. Whenever they come up to me wanting to play, I listen. I stop doing what I'm doing, and I appreciate the time I have with them. Not only do I feel more deeply connected to them, but the interruptions always lead me to solutions I've been looking for.

13. Your power is in letting go.
Whenever I start worrying about a situation, and wondering what action I should take to fix it, I must remember that the easiest way to deal with things that bother me is to let them go. Ignoring them, and finding a way to feel good anyway is the fastest way to resolve contrast.

Jessica Mullen
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  • Gilestel

    “Have plenty of orgasms” — what if you can’t seem to find someone to have orgasms with?

  • jessica mullen

    Orgasms with yourself count 100% :D

  • The Dame

    I love these new Tues tips, they really help me re-focus and let go and get my shit together! xoxox

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