Rainbow remembering life is fun with #gratitude

Rainbow remembering life is fun with #gratitude

Grateful to be awake and alive. Grateful to be winning! Grateful I woke up right before my alarm went off two days in a row! Grateful we have a bedtime now! Grateful for a full night of sleep with vivid dreams! Grateful to know the power of thought. Grateful to know my power. Grateful to be allowing well being.

Grateful to be a professional lifestreamer. Grateful I read through my earliest article archives last night and didn't hate them. Grateful I've been consistent in my theories ever since grad school. Grateful to always follow the flow.

Grateful for new mailing list subscribers. Grateful it's getting so easy to wake up feeling good. Grateful to be in a pattern. Grateful everything is on beat.

I want today to feel like effortless success. Like creating in the flow machine. I want to feel so obsessed with my own work that it's all I can think about and do. I want today to feel like having an office in the trees in my backyard with my best friend. I want today to feel like Christmas morning, like going to 6 flags with my friends before I got my driver's license, like learning to be goth for the first time. I want to feel excited by something naughty yet productive. I want to feel intrigued and curious and enthralled with my surroundings.

I want to feel like I'm walking a tightrope with perfect balance. I want to get better (story of my life). I want to feel the next level. I want to allow more ease.

I want to write the best Tuesday Tips ever. I want it to feel like "but of course" and like it couldn't happen any other way. I want it to be fun to create. I want it to feel new and exciting. I want creating the piece to feel like making my best work, like writing a symphony. Channeling god. I want to feel like I'm helping myself feel good. I want to feel like I'm flying, like I trusted life and and stepped out into the abyss and it carried me.

I want Tuesday Tips to have a new dimension, like a worksheet. I want to accomplish more in less time. I want to remember that I'm here for joy, not accomplishment. I want to let the flow do my work.

Dear Jessica,
Relax, and allow. Relax, and allow. You're doing everything right. The universe already knows everything you want. And everything you want is already created. Ask and it is given! Remember that this is just for fun. Work on your projects for fun. Create for fun.

You're already perfect. You're already whole and complete and nothing you create will add any more value to your life. You are already invaluable. What you create is just a manifestation of your perfection.

Allow yourself to have fun. Allow yourself to enjoy this challenge. Allow yourself to take risks and laugh and try new things. Let the flow talk for you. Let the flow write for you. Let the flow take care of everything. Life wants to live you. Life wants to care for you. Life wants to play with you! Nothing is serious, so let's just play! We love you so much!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.