Rainbow trusting life with #gratitude

Rainbow trusting life with #gratitude

Grateful to be here. Grateful I write every single day. Grateful I always have something to write about. Grateful to be a writer. Grateful to be working on my site! Grateful we recorded AJ videos today! Grateful for Nicki. Grateful to feel good. Grateful to choose to feel good. Grateful it's easy to feel good. Grateful I just have to choose it and it's mine!

Grateful to like exercise. Grateful to be attracting exercise naturally, without having to force or motivate myself. Grateful these posts can be whatever I want, whatever sounds fun.

My favorite thoughts/desires I have right now are, in no particular order:

  • I want my home to be covered in video screens playing Nicki Minaj and other YMCMB videos 24/7.
  • I want to remember to feel like I'm riding my bike between cars & the curb all day every day. It's the feeling of trust.
  • I am a magician and I am the best and I let the flow through me in everything I do.
  • I am the best Astrojax player in the world! I am the best lifestreamer in the world!

Grateful to trust the flow. Grateful to know the exact feeling to focus on. Grateful we get to bike. Grateful to feel the flow. Grateful to know the flow. Grateful to be excited about Astrojax again. Grateful to trust. Grateful for a new mantra, "I trust."

I trust life to take care of me. I trust the flow to come through me. I trust myself to direct my thoughts. I trust myself to maintain my vibration. I trust myself to take care of myself. I trust life will care for me. I trust life is good. I trust Kelly. I trust the flow. I trust myself. I trust myself to do my best. I trust myself to do the work. I trust myself to be the person I came here to be. I trust myself to express my individuality. I trust myself to be me. I trust myself to be the flow. I trust myself to live in joy. I trust that life will carry me. I trust that when I step into the abyss, I fly.

I always do.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.