Rainbow keeping purple in her cup with #gratitude

Rainbow keeping purple in her cup with #gratitude

Grateful to be here. Grateful to feel the feeling in every minute. Grateful Kelly is my DJ. Grateful we get to go out! Grateful to be nice to myself. Grateful to choose the feeling above anything else. Grateful I know the feeling and can access it all the time.

Dear Jessica, Keep on shining. Keep on smiling. You are the best. You're doing everything right. You are perfect. Relax and let this be the best night of your life. Relax and let the feeling carry you. Relax.

Find travel and adventure in your own city. You know you shine brightest in uncertainty. You know how to do this. You know how to flow. Let the flow through you. Go have an adventure!

Jessica, you are the best. You are magick. You are the leader. Keep up your good work, keep your vibration high. It gets higher every day. Keep saying yes. Keep feeling that feeling. You're the boss. You're the creator. Write the story you want to live. What do you want?

I want this night to feel like doing backwalkovers on the balance beam. I want it to feel like goosebumps from pure AJ flow. I want it to feel like hEaven. I love you!


Also, I don't give a fuck. I say yes. Fuck yes.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.