Girl lifestreaming with #gratitude

Girl lifestreaming with #gratitude

So grateful to be able to read tarot. So grateful for abundant coffee. So grateful for abundant money. So grateful for plenty of everything. So grateful to do the work. So grateful to choose to feel good. So grateful to have time to write. So grateful to choose to feel good! So grateful I went to bed feeling good last night! So grateful we have an OFFICIAL BEDTIME!

So grateful to be a girl sitting in a chair writing about what she's grateful for. So grateful to feel caught up. So grateful to feel in the flow. So grateful to feel the flow of life carrying me. So grateful to feel like I'm swimming and not drowning. So grateful to feel relief. So grateful to trust this Now. So grateful to learn how to appreciate the beauty of each moment.

Grateful to have returned my emails! Grateful to feel on top of the world! Grateful to feel part of the world! Grateful to feel excited about my projects!

Grateful to feel excited. Grateful to feel inspired. Grateful to feel confident and secure in my vibration. Grateful for ceiling fans. Grateful for fans. Grateful for my office. Grateful I live in Austin. Grateful for the beautiful weather. Grateful for my beautiful life. Grateful for beautiful music. Grateful to remember to breathe. Grateful to be in a rhythm. Grateful everything is on beat.

Dear Jessica,
Relax and allow. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to try. You don't have to force. You don't have to think. Just relax, and allow. Say yes. Let it come to you. Trust that life is taking care of you. Enjoy this ride. Enjoy the thrill. Enjoy the power you are creating for yourself. Remember, your mood is your only work. Everything else will follow.

Yes, my mood is my work. My mood is my only work. I feel the best I've ever felt! I feel on top of the world! I feel the flow guiding me, protecting me, lifting me up! I feel life supporting me, loving me, caring for me. I feel the world conspiring to make my day perfect. I feel relief. I feel joy. I feel free. I know how to let go. I know the tools. I know the practice. I know how to iterate. I know how to be conscious. I know how to be the silent watcher.

Isn't this fucking weird?! Isn't it weird to be a person?! Isn't it weird to wake up as god in a human body?! WHAT FUN.

I'm in the flow. I'm a girl directing her thoughts and feeling the flow move through her entire body. I'm a girl gathering power in every moment. I'm a girl breathing deeply and appreciating this moment. I'm a girl in the Now. I made it. I'm here. This is It.

Let go. Let thought go. Let the flow guide you. Release your fear, release your resistance. Life is easy. It's easy to trust life. It's easy to feel good. It's easy to feel relief. It's easy to feel the flow. The flow is everything. You have to try really hard to ignore it. The flow knows. The flow is taking care of you. The flow is all there is to know.

My mood is my work.
I follow my highest excitement.
I live in flow.
I feel the best I've ever felt.
I'm higher than I've ever been.
I trust it all to come to me.
I already have everything I want.
Everything I want is in the Now.
I am in the Now with heaven.
I believe. I trust. I know.

I'm the baddest bitch. I'm the best. I am god. And now I get to enjoy my creation. I love you, you're doing great!!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.