Tuesday Tips: 13 Ways to Feel Like God

Artwork by Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen

Tuesday Tips: 13 Ways to Feel Like God

Artwork by Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen

Tuesday Tips is a weekly roundup of ways to act, think, feel and be like the god(dess) you already are. Imagine that we're all playing a game of life together and just now discovering our superpowers. How do you access your divinity?


1. Read The Fool's Journey.
The story uses tarot cards as a metaphor for the journey through life. "Each major arcana card stands for a stage on that journey - an experience that a person must incorporate to realize his wholeness." Where are you on your journey?

2. Ignore everything you don't want.
Abraham says, "Anything you do to overcome or prevent, causes a spotlight on the very thing you are wanting to overcome and prevent." Just pretend it's the way you want it to be already. Anything else perpetuates what you don't want.

3. Take up an abandoned hobby.
Think of all the things you wanted to be good at or liked to do, but gave up because you could never really be great at them. Ask yourself if thoughts like "I don't know if I can do this" got in the way. With what you know now about managing thought and getting in the flow, could you be a great guitar player? Or programmer? Or athlete? Now that you have awareness of your thoughts, you can pwn anything you want. Just say "I don't care" to the resistant thoughts that get in the way.


4. Find a mantra that works for you every day.
It's a lot easier to manage my thoughts when I have a mantra to pivot away from negative thoughts. I usually have to find a new mantra every few days, but what's working for me today is I don't care, I'm in the Now.

5. Look at the people in your life as design projects.
You're designing your version of their lives, so think whatever you want to think about them. Focus on the things you like about them. Decide what parts of them to amplify. They are characters in your story, so tell the story the way you want it to be.

6. Take time to write about your epiphanies and you'll always find more.
When things click into place and you feel like you "get it" a little more, try writing about it. I used to think I wrote articles to attract an audience of readers, but now I know the point is only to appreciate what I learn, so I'm always attracting new lessons.

7. Appreciate exactly where you are, right now.
Those moments when you are getting what you want but you already want something else make up every moment of your life. You always have the choice in each moment to feel good because you're getting what you wanted, or you can feel bad because you still want more. You will always want more. That's the point of being alive. So instead of thinking "duh, of course I'm getting this right now, it makes sense, that's great. But now I want something else," try thinking "I'm getting what I wanted! Holy crap, this really works! Let me take a minute to enjoy having what I want, knowing that I deliberately created it and allowed it to flow into my life experience!"


8. Go to bed feeling good.
Every day, I groom my mood like a show pony. It's a lot easier to maintain a consistent vibration when I pay attention to my mood all day, instead of getting lazy in the evening. If I go to bed feeling good, I wake up feeling good, allowing myself to feel better and better every day, instead of working to get out of a bad mood each morning.

9. Pretend you are god.
You know you are god, but sometimes it can be hard to remember. Imagine yourself as god stepping into your body. If god is animating your body, you have access to perfect health, ease of movement, and feats of unimaginable strength. Let god live through you and your body will thank you. If it helps, imagine the feeling of god stepping into you like a wave in the ocean pushing you towards shore.

10. If you crave sex, practice the feeling of "oneness".
Why do I always want to have sex with everyone I like?! Because I want to feel connected to and in harmony with my reality. If I practice the feeling of being one with my experience, I feel harmony with my world without having to take physical action. Then the sex comes naturally.


11. Literally practice being in the Now.
My goal is to enjoy being alive right this second. All I have to do to accomplish that is stop thinking. My current working methods are to reply to each thought with I don't care, I'm in the Now (this works because I know that the Now is perfect the way it is) and silent counting (it's like measuring the seconds I'm in the Now).

12. See yourself how you want to be seen.
Envision the person you want to be and embody that person right now. Here's my vision of hotness:

I am deeply tanned, toned, and in a bikini top with denim cutoffs. I have a leather pouch of essentials, with feathers and jewels adorning my body. My eyes are fiery, blue and brown and orange. I am smiling but look hungry, like I'm looking for something to devour in each moment. Like a hunter of joy. I am a warrior. I have Astrojax in my hands, and I can stop time with them. I am at the springs in late afternoon, engaged in the Now. Everything is just so funny. I am free. I am a spark. I reflect the light like a diamond. When you look away, you can see me flying out of the corner of your eye.

13. Know you are god.
You are infinitely powerful. You can have whatever you want. Step into the Now and claim your power.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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