6am #gratitude

6am #gratitude

So grateful to be awake and alive!!! So grateful I went to bed feeling good & now I feel even better! So grateful to be up at 6am omg what a major mani! So grateful to have so many ideas I'm into, like -it only takes one day of feeling good all day to get a multi-day momentum going -I don't care, I'm in the Now! -I have a vision of myself from this coming summer that is the hottest thing ever and it's MINE!

So grateful to be riding a new wave. So grateful to be into my own work. Grateful to be up early enough to work on my own work!!!!!!! Grateful it's my time. Grateful to be ready to say yes. Grateful to release resistance. Grateful it's all adding up. Grateful I know what I want is on the way.

I want today to feel like being a star at burning man. I want today to feel like being a warrior with a bow and arrow. I want today to feel like I'm a kid playing pretend except it's all real. I want today to feel like syncing up with the flow. I want today to feel like having so much fun I didn't even notice anything outside of the now.

This is the best day of my life. This is the upswing. This is the moment when my focus becomes stronger than my resistance. This is the moment I allow what is mine. This is the moment I release all fear and move into the flow.

This is my moment I just feel so alive ;)

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.