Month: April 2012

Gathering Momentum

Rainbow writes herself into the best night of her…

So grateful to be home! So grateful to be breathing. So grateful to make so much money from UWFV today!! So grateful Kelly posted so many of our clips! So grateful to be into swimming again! So grateful to have so many revenue streams! So grateful to be a fish! So grateful for easy to make dinner!

So grateful to feel good. So grateful to feel the best I've ever felt. So grateful to be in the Now. So grateful to be releasing more products. So grateful to know my cocktail line. So grateful to know what I do, why I do it, and how I make money from it. So grateful I created this business for myself. So grateful to be in the business of being. So grateful my life is relaxing and easy. So grateful for the contrast I live. So grateful to be here. So grateful to be aware. So grateful to be conscious!

So grateful to pay our rent and bills with passive income every month. So grateful to make as much at my business as I did as a full time graphic designer at a design firm. So grateful WE FUCKING MADE IT! So grateful our business is solid and I believe in it and it WORKS! So grateful to feel confident and happy! So grateful to feel secure in my vibration! So grateful to just KNOW that I'm doing the right thing!

So grateful writing is so energizing. So grateful for my lifestream. It's so refreshing. So grateful to feel calm and invigorated. So grateful to be excited about my work! So grateful to be in the flow! So grateful the right opportunity always comes at the right time. So grateful to be a designer. So grateful to be a lifestreamer. So grateful I have so many amazing Tuesday Tips for tomorrow!!

So grateful to feel the best I've ever felt. So grateful to feel excited! So grateful to be in love with my new hair! So grateful we got to bike today! So grateful Kelly changed her tire effortlessly! So grateful my wife is such a fucking boss!

So grateful to be in the flow of creating. So grateful to feel excited about my own work. So grateful to know I'm on the right path. So grateful to know I made it. So grateful to be happy to just exist. So grateful everything I want is handed to me, effortlessly. So grateful to be in love. So grateful to feel loved. So grateful to trust. So grateful everything is working out for me, always.

So grateful to know how to release thought. So grateful for my wonderful kitties. So grateful for my perfect family. So grateful my mom called today. So grateful to feel fresh. So grateful to feel so excited to be alive. So grateful everything is adding up!!

I appreciate being here. I appreciate feeling good. I appreciate feeling better every single day. I appreciate Kelly publishing videos for us. I appreciate feeling creative. I appreciate feeling inspired. I appreciate being in the Now. I appreciate all of the crazy synchronicities in our day! I appreciate how everything is working out for everyone, and how everything is always a solution. I appreciate that I GET IT!

Dear Jessica,
Just relax, and allow, and say yes. Everything you want is right here. Just let it come. You are so loved. Get ready for the best night of your life.

Gathering Momentum

Rainbow working with #gratitude

1:38p So grateful to be here! So grateful for the best Monday ever! So grateful to feel good! So grateful to feel the best I've ever felt! So grateful to be in the flow! So grateful to feel the best I've ever felt! So grateful to be the best. So grateful to feel confident and happy and knowing and inspired. So grateful for the best bike ride ever. So grateful to be excited about my work. So grateful to be in the Now! So grateful to be at 3000. So grateful to be in such great shape. So grateful to feel good! So grateful to feel loved! So grateful to be here! So grateful to be focused on feeling good. So grateful I know my mood is my work. So grateful my mood is my only work, and I'm the best at what I do. So grateful for my lifestream and for my friends and family. So grateful for the opportunity to learn.

2:54p Grateful for promises of Starbucks! Grateful to be here!!

4:17p Grateful to wake up from the dream. Grateful to be the space-less line of the present. Grateful to be thought-free. Grateful to count! Grateful everything is adding up. Grateful for synchronicity and fun.

5:32p So grateful for the best job in the world! So grateful for the beautiful weather! So grateful I have a wife to bike home with!

I love you, you're doing great!

Gathering Momentum

Rainbow mood boosting with #gratitude

So grateful to be having the perfect day. So grateful I got my hair cut and we get to bike and Kelly changed her tire and everything is perfect!

So grateful to have pretty hair. So grateful for change. So grateful to feel focused and confident. So grateful we got up at 7 on a Monday! Best Monday ever! So grateful the better it gets, the better it gets. So grateful to be in the flow!

So grateful to feel the best I've ever felt. So grateful for this Now. So grateful to feel confident. So grateful to feel joyful. So grateful to feel inspired and eager to create!

I feel playful and fun. I feel energized and exhilarated! I feel like a king! I feel on top of the world! I am so excited to create! I am so excited to be working on my projects! I am so excited to go to work! I am so excited to go on a bike ride! I am so excited I feel so good!!

I love you, you're doing great <3 Dear Jessica, Relax, and allow. The whole world is conspiring to take care of you today. Open your mind, open your heart, and open your arms. Let it all in. Say yes. Accept the gifts the world is giving you. This is all here for you. You are so blessed. This is your game, your ride, your adventure. It's whatever you want. Have fun!

Gathering Momentum

Rainbow gets the perfect hair cut with #gratitude

Grateful to be a professional lifestreamer. Grateful to be here! Grateful to be in the flow. Grateful to pay my rent and bills with passive income! Grateful to be a conscious creator.

Grateful to be getting my hair cut! Grateful to know I'm in the right place at the right time! Grateful to be at 800. Grateful I know I'll get the perfect cut. Grateful to trust the universe. Grateful for this perfect beautiful day.

Grateful to feel the best I've ever felt. Grateful to feel focused and in the now! Grateful to feel playful and light and exhilarated with power and knowing.

Gathering Momentum

Rainbow practices liking herself with #gratitude

Grateful to be a professional lifestreamer. Grateful that my lifestream is the way I channel infinite intelligence. Grateful to allow the flow through me. Grateful to be here, right now. Grateful to be creative and positive and uplifting and inspiring. Grateful to like who I am. Grateful to feel more joyful every single day.

Grateful to be married to such a wonderful person. Grateful to have such perfect job. Grateful for my website which pulls life through me! Grateful for my list of 99 Things to Love About... which I fill out every day without fail. Grateful for all the fun things to do on my site.

Grateful I can write about what I'm grateful for until inspiration to do something else strikes. Grateful to have all sorts of ways to write that make me feel good. Grateful for gratitude, and appreciation, and letters to myself. Grateful to know I'm connected to infinite intelligence. Grateful to be attracting so much helpful information.

Grateful for Rabbit Hole, which gives me a crazy accurate reading every single time I use it. Grateful for the Prana Yama breathing app, which helps me remember to breathe deeply! Grateful for all the tools I have to feel good!

Grateful for my business. Grateful to feel focused. Grateful to know what I want. Grateful to know I already have it. Grateful I know life can be easy. Grateful this day is so easy! Grateful my life feels effortless and fun and exhilarating!

Grateful for all the different ways I have to be in the moment, like:

  • Remembering the present is a line between past and future, with no space for thought.
  • Conscious breathing. Knowing that each breath cleanses my mind.
  • Listening, or paying attention. Everything is an indicator.
  • Lifestreaming! Taking the time to appreciate my amazing life!
  • Silent counting.
  • Drawing. Listening to the story my pen tells me.
  • Playing! With Astrojax, or by podcasting, or with kids, or with graphic design.
  • Running and biking and swimming and working out and appreciating the strength of my body.

Grateful to have so many things I like about myself. These are my favorites this morning!

  • I'm a professional lifestreamer! My life is the best show online.
  • I listen.
  • I embrace change.
  • I'm a witch!
  • I'm an excellent designer.
  • I have an uplifting smile.
  • My eyes are straight enchanting.
  • I meditate every day.
  • I'm in great shape.
  • My mood is my work and I always do my work.
  • I'm creative and positive.
  • I'm fearless and bold and playful and so smart.
  • I'm a bridge to the unknown. I light up the way.

I'm so grateful I know how to write spells, and they always work. Thus I present,

A spell for a flowing day

I surrender my day to that which made me
I stay busy with fun and focus on feeling free
I'm perfecting my hustle, I'm in love with the shuffle
There is no one I'd rather be.

The flow always knows
The flow always flows
I let it through me with ease
With a thank you and please

I let go of my needs
They're already created
I stop my thoughts
My friend, I'm fated.