In love with #gratitude & @kellycree

In love with #gratitude & @kellycree

Grateful to be home. Grateful to be in the flow. Grateful to not care. Grateful to be writing. Grateful for a fun day at work. Grateful I got to learn about the PayPal API! Grateful to get to shower when I come home. Grateful I've already accomplished so much today. Grateful to be writing.

Grateful I felt like printing out more 99 things lists so we can make more notebooks. Grateful the notebooks work so well for me that I make new ones before running out. Grateful to be a good designer! Grateful I've come so far.

Grateful to write an article totally in the flow this morning. Grateful Kelly took the photo for me without me even asking. Grateful the flow determined the best subject matter!

Grateful I get to spend my life with Kelly. Grateful to be so in love. Grateful she always takes care of me. Grateful she inspires me do much.

Jessica Mullen
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