I don’t care #gratitude

I don’t care #gratitude

Grateful it's all working out for me. Grateful writing helps me focus. Grateful to have something to write about. Grateful kelly is doing laundry! Grateful lunch is made and the bikes are pumped and the bed is made!

Grateful to not care. Grateful to remove emotional charge from thought. Grateful to be able to think objectively. Grateful I can always choose to feel good. Grateful I can choose what I want to feel and then feel it immediately.

Grateful for kelly! Grateful to be up early! Grateful for new sheets! Grateful for a clean vibration! Grateful for flowing water! Grateful for sound. Grateful to be in the Now. Grateful to live here.

Grateful to not care. Grateful what I want is already created. Grateful I've trained myself into these beliefs and now they are true. Grateful for the whitespace around my head when I think "I don't care." Grateful Kelly put the sheets in the dryer. Grateful to live next door to the laundry room!

Grateful for this chill morning. Grateful to remember to breathe. Grateful to not care!!!!!! Grateful for this day! Grateful it's all adding up! Grateful for the relief I feel with "I don't care"!

Grateful for Pwny and Linty. Grateful we get to go to work. Grateful I get to have fun and play through every day because I don't care. Grateful to be releasing resistance.

Grateful for this now. Yay I love it. And I don't care.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.