How to Release Emotional Attachment with the “I Don’t Care” Game

Pwny don't care. Photo by Kelly Cree.

How to Release Emotional Attachment with the “I Don’t…

Pwny don't care. Photo by Kelly Cree.

Here's a new game for you to try. It's called the I Don't Care game. As you go about your day, observe what you think about. Any time you are aware of a thought, say to it, "I don't care." Say it to any thought, positive or negative. Bonus points for actually feeling like you don't care.

The next level of the game is to say "I don't care" to anything you observe in your reality that you don't want. If something is annoying, angering, or scaring you, think, "I don't care." Again, bonus points if you actually feel like you don't care.

This game will train you to remove emotional attachment from form. When you think a thought that feels bad, saying "I don't care" to it helps you let the thought go. When you think a thought that feels good, saying "I don't care" helps you avoid getting attached to that idea and using it as your reason to feel good. Ruminating on good experiences will cause you to feel worse and worse as you move away from them in time, because you aren't in the Now, allowing even better experiences in. When you say "I don't care" to something bothering you in your Now reality, it helps you remove your attention from it, so you stop creating it.

The only time you should ever "care" about anything is when you are caring about how you feel. And you can only care in the Now. When you remove your "caring" or emotional attachment from all thought and negative experience, you free your attention to be placed on the only thing worth caring about: appreciating the good things in the present moment.

The difference between apathy and knowing

When you say "I don't care" to thoughts and negative experiences, the point is to feel "I don't care, because everything is great," instead of "I don't care, because everything sucks."

An example of the game

Picture yourself taking a walk.

Thought: I still have so far to go.
Response: I don't care.

Thought: Did I lock the door?
Response: I don't care.

Negative experience: Tripped on a crack and skinned your knee.
Response: I don't care.

Thought: Did I look stupid?
Response: I don't care.

Positive experience: Find $100 on the sidewalk.
Response: I'm getting what I want! I appreciate this so much! I am so blessed to be alive! (This is the only time you will ever get to enjoy getting what you want—if you are in the Now, paying attention to the good you have right now.

Thought: $100! What a manifestation!
Response: I don't care. (This opens you up to more manifestations if you stay in the Now instead of keeping on thinking about the experience, even though it was good.)

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