Working on projects with @kellycree, WHAT A RELIEF! #gratitude

Working on projects with @kellycree, WHAT A RELIEF! #gratitude

So grateful to be in the flow machine! So grateful for my wife! So grateful she's going to drive while I write! So grateful for coffee! So grateful to feel like working on my own shit! So grateful to have all my loose ends tied up! So grateful to work all morning.

I want this to feel like flow machine. I want to let go and let it unfold. I want to not be serious, I want to be playful and silly and in the Now and channeling infinite intelligence. I want this to be easy, effortless, and "but of course."

I want this to be the best work I ever create, and I want to have fun making it.

Dear JEssica,
Just focus on your breath and let it all come to you. You are so loved. Let the flow through you. Allow it to unfold. Be the channel you already are. You are perfect. You are the best. You are leading edge. You are changing the world. Breathe in and raise your vibratioN! Breathe out and release your resistance. You're doing everything right. You're in the right place at the right time, doing everything right. Just let it come to you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.