Stay in the Flow Now, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly (free PDF worksheet)

Now Daily Weekly Monthly

Stay in the Flow Now, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly…

Now Daily Weekly Monthly

The other day I felt creatively stifled because I had no idea what I should work on. I have a lot of things I know I could do to feel good, but had no plan or priorities. I used to be an obsessive to-do list maker, but I purposely let go of that habit over the last year. But without a to-do list, how do I know what to do?!

I spent some time thinking about what I want, and found that my desires could be broken into four categories: what I want to do in each Now, what I want to do every day, what I want to accomplish every week, and what I'd like to achieve this month. I've tried making lists of things I should do every day before, to no avail. But this is less about feeling like I need to do things, and more of a list of options to try because I know they always work.

I created this worksheet to remind me of the things that help me feel good, whether in this moment, in this day, in this week, or in this month. I've kept up with it for a whole two days now, but it's not really supposed to be a lifestyle time management system. It's just something that reminds me what I want and that helps me focus on those things, instead of aimlessly clicking through Facebook or sleeping in too late.

This worksheet also helps me think less—I don't have to ask myself "what should I work on?" every morning. I have a list of things I know will keep me in the flow. If I can't deal with any of the Daily items, I just look at the Now list. I can always breathe. I can always smile. And I can always think about what I want. By having a list of things to do now, I open myself up to the more in-depth Daily items, and then the weekly and monthly items just seem to do themselves. Focus on the Now first, and the rest starts to seem easier.

The Daily list becomes a sort of scavenger hunt. Once I've done five of the eight on the list, it's hard for me to ignore the remaining three. Thus I spend more time focusing on the activities I know I really want to do, and less time dicking around.

iphone wallpaper

What do you want to do in each Now moment? What would you like to do every day? Every week? This month? Focus on those things, hang them on your wall, make them your phone wallpaper, and stay in the flow where you want to be.

Download the 8.5x11 PDF worksheet here

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • novaa

    you’re fabulous. this is genius.

  • Mia

    This is perfect!! Do you know how to type within the document? My .pdf reader isn’t letting me for some reason.

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Mia! Right now the document isn’t set up for that – you’d have to edit it in Photoshop or with pen.

    I’ll look into an editable PDF!

  • Taylor

    Hey Jessica and Mia!

    I know the comment is old but I made it editable and wanted to share. :)

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you so much Taylor! How cool!! How did you do it?!?!

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