Isn’t it weird to be a person? #gratitude

Isn’t it weird to be a person? #gratitude

Grateful to be me. Grateful to be the best. Grateful I made lunch. Grateful I can just smile and everything gets better. Grateful to have time to run and write and count and breathe. Grateful for premade spinach smoothies. Grateful I know I'm the best. Grateful to be sober and clear. Grateful to be free to think whatever I want. Grateful to have counted to 1975. Grateful to love myself.

Grateful to focus on myself. Grateful to focus on feeling good. Grateful to be the maker of time. Grateful to have such good dreams. Grateful to remember them! So grateful we got up and ran!!! So grateful for the beautiful weather. Grateful smiling is so uplifting.

Grateful it's all up to me. Grateful I'm learning that every moment is valuable and trippy because I'm a person and I'm having a human experience and every moment is weird and fun. Grateful to be waking up more and more. Grateful to become more conscious in every moment.

Grateful smiling makes me feel so excited! Grateful this day is so great. Grateful I chose to feel good and now I feel my best. Grateful to be an example and a leader and the best version of myself I can be. Grateful it's flowing. Grateful for inbox income! Grateful for people who support my work.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.