I am… (inspired by @npamani)

I am… (inspired by @npamani)

Inspired by Nicole, I present you with

The Things I Am

A good sister
A perfect wife
A treasured daughter
A smiling friend
An experimental life designer
A leading edge thinker
A devoted kitty whisperer
A lucid dreamer
A conscious creator
An intuitive tarot reader
A flowing Astrojax player
A colorful leader
A playful graphic designer
An easygoing runner
An expert bicyclist
An experienced vegan chef
An educated writer
A practiced photographer
A brilliant artist
A joyful god
A limitless human
A trusting millionaire
A famous blogger
A bright public figure
A bridge to the next level
A fearless fish
A creative crafter
A knowing lover
A popular podcaster
A happy hooper
A loving lifestreamer
A dedicated meditator
A cool worksheet designer
A Texas Survival Goth outfit wear-er
A confident driver
A ballin party-er
An adventurous tripper
An evolver of consciousness
A grateful physical being

Now your turn!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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