Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Use the Force

Tightrope made of Yes

Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Use the Force

Tightrope made of Yes

Tuesday Tips is a weekly roundup of suggestions for harmonizing with the natural flow of life. Whether you access the flow with action, thought, emotion or stillness, it gets easier every day. The more you practice, the more fun it becomes, and the more you'll find you had the knack for it all along.


1. Hang out with your friends.
That's when all the good stuff happens in the background. You forget about whatever it is you want but don't have, and you feel good because you're with people you love. It creates the perfect weather for manifestation.

2. Speak only of things in the Now.
Talk only in present tense. Try "I like bowling," which is about a feeling of "I have this" versus "bowling was fun," which is about "I now lack and miss that and want the memory to make me feel good." If you talk about the past, make it because you're telling a funny story. You only get to tell it once!

3. Look for evidence that life is good.
Look for people kissing, hugging, laughing, and playing. Look for flowers and animals and ice cream and music. The more you look, the more you see; love actually is all around!

4. Take pictures of everything.
The more photos you take, especially of things you take for granted and the mundane, the more practice you get at looking at things from a different perspective. If you turn the camera around enough, you'll find just the right angle to make your boring coffee cup look exciting. That's the whole idea behind positive thinking—keep looking for the good until you find it.


5. Think of technology in a positive light.
We're in a pivotal time in human history. Things are speeding up and more is becoming possible. Guide this transition with your thoughts. Instead of lazily reacting in fear or skepticism, think about what you want. For example, do robot car intersections scare you? Figure out why and what you might want instead. Alternatively, remember that the things we fear are usually the things we need most.

6. Stop trying to understand.
The mind can't quite keep up with the evolution of consciousness, and it wasn't designed to. Have you ever found yourself creating in flow (i.e., playing music, exercising, making art, or playing with flow toys) and then stopping your own flow because you're trying to figure out how you did it? I do this all the time when playing guitar. I'll mesmerize myself with my own fingers then stumble because I don't understand how the flow works. But the mind will never understand. All we can do is gratefully experience the gift.

7. Use your stable reality as an opportunity for constant iteration.
Just as each day is a chance to start fresh, each moment in your home, with your partner, or at your job is a chance to iterate. The most stable parts of your reality are the easiest to take for granted, but also the easiest to improve with iteration since you're around them all the time. Practice appreciating all the tiny details you like about your partner, home and job and you'll find new things to appreciate every day. You never have to experience boredom or ennui if you're always looking to expand what you like that you already have. It's just like having a fully-grown garden, then choosing which plants to grow more of. Collect the seeds of your favorites and plant more.

8. Count to stop negative thoughts.
I have posted about this so many times, and I will continue to do so because every week it works better and better. When I first started silent counting, I wouldn't do it very often because it seemed boring. I realized that was just my mind telling me thinking negative thoughts is more productive. Then one day I asked Kelly what to do when I was trapped in a negative thought pattern. She told me to count, because it always, always works. I asked, "What if I can't count?" and she replied, "If you can't count, you're retarded." Enough said.


9. Walk the tightrope of life.
As I learn to live in harmony with the flow of life, I become more aware of the feeling it produces in my body. It literally feels like walking on a tightrope. It's the feeling of perfect balance, of being in the right place at the right time, and of trusting something outside of my mind to help me across. Walking a tightrope is a leap of faith. The more I practice, the more I think the rope is made out of "saying yes". The more I say yes, the longer I walk the rope, the higher I go, the better I feel.

10. Practice feeling like you're the shit.
You are. You're the best. No one can replace you. You are amazing. You are perfect. You are in the right place at the right time. You are brave and beautiful and nothing can stop you but yourself. Feel the way you want to feel! Feel like you are the best! YOU ARE!


11. Use the Force.
I had no idea George Lucas and my ex-boyfriends were so right. The Force is the same as flow, the same as god, and the same as you. You have access to it at all times. It truly is magick beyond comprehension. How you use it is something only you can know, and something you must practice. But I bet watching Star Wars would give you a few pointers!

12. Just SMILE!
If you force yourself to do it for long enough, your vibration will raise. Fast. It works so well. It may tire your face but it's way easier than feeling bad. You may think you look weird, but I know that personally, I look my best when I smile!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Sara

    Ive been a huge fan of star wars my whole life! Before I started studying diff religions I didn’t have words to explain my views on god & the universe so I would always tell ppl I believe in the force! It’s so true & shaped me into who I am today!

    “do or do not there is no try”-yoda

  • jessica mullen

    I think about that Yoda quote on the DAILY! <3 Watching Star Wars in dark basements unsupervised at age 15 really stuck with me... even if I only heard the soundtrack ;P

  • Sara

    Hah! I have a cardboard princess Leia in my bedroom! Hehehe she holds my scarves :p

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