Good morning #gratitude!

Good morning #gratitude!

Grateful Kelly is playing Rainbow Brite! Grateful to be in a great mood! Grateful to feel excited and inspired! Grateful for espresso and spinach smoothies! Grateful to feel the best I've ever felt!

Grateful it's summer! Grateful it's a fresh week! Grateful to feel so good! Grateful to count! Grateful it feels like a bike chain running through my mind! Grateful Kelly made my lunch!

Grateful we get to finally sleep in our new bed tonight! Grateful for such luxury and abundance in my life! Grateful I can feel good no matter what! Grateful to feel happy!

Grateful to feel so inspired! Grateful to feel my next wave of creativity rolling in! Grateful to feel ready to take my work to the next level. Grateful for the work I've already accomplished. Grateful to be open to receiving. Grateful I know it's all coming. Grateful to be excited! Grateful I know what my true work is, the work I do all day every day.

Grateful the work always works. Grateful gratitude always works. Grateful it gets easier every day.

I want today to feel like being Rainbow Brite. I want today to feel like leading a group into a cavern. I want today to feel like I'm president. Like I'm the best. Like I'm focused on my own shit and it's the shit. Like its the best day of my life.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.