It gets easier every day with #gratitude

It gets easier every day with #gratitude

Just keep creating. Grateful to keep creating. All I have to do is keep creating and I never have to think or be out of the flow. I could be creating anything, a post, an article, a friendship bracelet, a picture, a meal, a vision. Grateful to be a powerful creator. Grateful to be a visionary.

Grateful to be so practiced at directing my thoughts. Grateful to be allowing inspiration in. Grateful to have time to create! What a relief! Grateful to remember to make pictures.

I want to create art from a place of knowing. I want the flow to make my art. I want to appreciate all the art I already make. I want to make something with my hands (I AM!). I want to remember that I am already doing, in this very moment, what I want to be doing. I want to remember that I am creating at this instant and I don't need to be making anything else to feel good.

I want to keep writing myself higher and higher. I want to write all day, every day. I want to write without thinking. I want to write pure flow.

I am here. I am doing it. I am already here. I am already in the flow, I am already writing all day every day. I am already living the life I want to live. I am already perfect. I am already complete. I am already successful. I am already taken care of. I am already valuable.

Grateful for the wordpress fullscreen writing view. Grateful to have more whitespace. Grateful Kelly and I meditate every single day now. Grateful we take such good care of our moods together. Grateful to have a partner in this. Grateful to savor the moments I get to spend with my wife.

Grateful to remember to savor and appreciate those things I sometimes take for granted. Grateful to be savoring the presence of my kitties. I love having kitties! I love having beautiful live animals around me reminding me to chill out and play! I love that Linty sits in my lap! I love that Pwny sleeps next to my head! I love that they play with each other! I love that they never ask for much! I love that they are so content living here with us!

I love feeling unconditional love. I love being in the now and savoring something so much it's breathtaking.

I love getting better at detaching and observing, instead of attaching and reacting. I love getting better at detaching from my mind. I love remembering to be present. I love that it gets easier every day!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.