Write Now #gratitude

Write Now #gratitude

So grateful to know when yes, it's time to write. Now. Write Now. Grateful for birthday present wine! Grateful for my family. Grateful for the power of focus, for the power of thought. Grateful we got to have P Terrys and work on Rabbit Hole! Grateful to be recording podcasts again.

Grateful to remember to breathe. Grateful to remember to feel good, that it's just a choice. Grateful to be a powerful creator. Grateful to find myself loving contrast because it brings such thrilling rides. Grateful to be a person. Grateful to be part of this. Grateful to feel better every single day.

Grateful to be catching Tuesday Tips early this week. Grateful to know what to look for. Grateful to be conscious. Grateful to have time to write. Grateful I've been so busy straight chillin! So grateful for my friends and family! Birthday weekend was the BEST!

Grateful for this incredibly weird music on Pandora.

Grateful it's so easy to focus. Grateful it's getting easier to be a person. Grateful to go with the flow and be able to handle more situations. Grateful to just say yes and trust I have perfect timing. There isn't any rushing anymore. There isn't any bickering. There isn't much stress. I just Know. I just know that when I don't think about shit I don't want, I have a really great day.

Grateful to know that all I have to do is shift my attention towards what I want. I never have to keep focusing on what I don't want. I don't have to feel bad for turning away. I don't have to take care of it. I just shift my attention away from what I don't want and it ceases to exist.

Grateful to read my own articles and be blown away by their depth. Grateful to read my own work and feel uncomfortable because it's so fucking weird and awesome. So grateful to be able to congratulate myself on that without talking in the third person.

So grateful to loosen up. So grateful to not take myself so seriously. So grateful it gets more fun to be me every day. So grateful to like myself yet not be too attached. So grateful to be becoming my experience more and more. So grateful to see my entire reality flourishing and reflecting my beliefs. It's so fucking rad. I created this. It's happening as fast as I can allow it. It's all coming. I know this now.

So grateful to be able to say things like "I have no outstanding stale desires." So grateful to be fucking happy, like all day every day. To be able to control my mood like a thermostat. To be able to smile my way towards bliss. Effortlessly. I just believe it, so it works. I looked for evidence of my beliefs, and there they were. Every day I become more accustomed to synchronicity and love and perfect timing and fun and abundance. And I just keep getting more of it.

So grateful to get to just live. To get to hang out with my friends and family for days in a row. To go on a social bender. To let myself have fun and relax and be in the now, actually talking face to face with other people who like me. So grateful for how far I've come. So grateful to have Kelly to pull me out. So grateful she's so amazing at directing the flow socially. So grateful she takes such good care of me. So grateful to have someone to play and practice with all day every day. It's such an amazing opportunity at iteration. Work we get to iterate upon every day, but I get to iterate on Kelly every minute!

Damn, that must apply to all consistent things in my reality. Instead of taking my stable reality for granted, I should take it as an opportunity to iterate by the minute. Holy shit. How do I do that?

Just think about what you want. Look at things and think about what you want, or what you appreciate. Then those things will grow.

Grateful to always be blowing my own mind. Grateful to have permission slips to release resistance. Grateful to be constantly improving, constantly having fun. Grateful to be here. Grateful to be having the best night of my life. Grateful when you ask, it is given.

I want the rest of this night to feel like walking on the beach in Saved by the Bell. I want tonight to feel like being poured through one of those liquid timer things. Man do I love those things.

I want tonight to feel like my freshman year of college. I want tonight to feel like having fun and not giving a fuck.

I want tomorrow to feel like that too!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.